Monique Norton cures her breast cancer JUICE RAW FRUITS AND VEGETABLES

Wausau News

When cancer happened to me, there was nothing like this on the web. In fact my story happend ALL ON MY OWN. But have since shared it with hundreds of people.

1. Testimony: In 1992 I was told the hard 1 1/2″ lump in my breast was cancer. But God was telling me in my heart, “Monique, cancer does not kill. Fear does!” – and there began my journey into discovery of exactly what this lump represented, and how to fight it.
Today, 21 years later, I am a fit 72 year old!

I’d read many, many books on various health diets, Macrobiotics, John Mills, Eat Yourself Fit to name just three, and all offered a bit of info here and there, and I increased knowledge by researching wherever I could: Niels Yard, local public library, bookshops, internet (that wasn’t as advanced yet), writing to the writers of those books……

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