Eczema caused by detergent

at home with Guinever

A big thanks to Eczema our family’s solution for this information.

My 2 year old has had eczema since birth. Bad eczema. The first time I took him to the allergy doctor a few months ago, the doctor said it was bad, not the worst he’s seen, but a very bad case. His skin is like leather, soaking up everything we’ve smeared on it, and we’ve tried many products. But it’s not just rough and lizardy looking, there are breakouts too, caused by certain foods.

The allergist told us to rub canola oil (we also used coconut oil and evening primrose oil) into his skin about 10 times a day. We did that, religiously. But the oil  just soaked right into his skin. We didn’t even have to really worry about him getting oil onto the furniture or the floor because the oil literally just disappeared into the skin. I…

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