From Meds to Marathons: How Eating Whole Plants Reversed My Asthma and Eczema

Imagine an active eight-year-old boy playing baseball, basketball, and tennis …  going nonstop. Now, imagine that same boy hindered with difficulty breathing ― something most of us take for granted.


That was me, diagnosed with asthma and immediately put on all types of medication. The meds made me feel jittery and not “right.” I tried my best to not let the asthma or drugs slow me down, but it was difficult. In college, I was placed on “better” medications and given a “rescue” inhaler, which I used consistently. In addition, a severe case of eczema developed on many parts of my body. Many trips to the doctor and expensive lotions didn’t help.

Still active, I took up running but could go for only a few miles at a time. Inspired by a coworker, I decided to train for a marathon and in 2008 completed it with a time of 3:51:17. I got the “running bug” and began to train more seriously.

In addition, I started studying nutrition and paying close attention to what was working best for my performance and recovery. After reading an article about eliminating red meat from my diet, I tried it, and gradually moved to a vegetarian diet. In 2011, I saw a trailer for the Forks Over Knives documentary and knew I had to see it. One day, in the middle of the workday, I checked the movie listings and saw that it was playing in my area. At that moment I felt compelled to see the movie and dropped everything that afternoon to do so.

After seeing Forks Over Knives, I decided to try the plant-based diet approach. Within a short period of time, I noticed my asthma and eczema symptoms were not as prevalent as they had been. Working with my allergist and nutritionist, I reduced the medication and eventually stopped taking medications altogether. For 33 years I had taken medication every day ― this was a life transforming event for me!

And, while this was all going on, I continued to train and run marathons. After moving to a plant-based diet, I noticed my performance and recovery times improved significantly, and I was able to reach one of my goals: qualifying for the Boston Marathon. To date, I’ve run 14 marathons and qualified for four Boston Marathons, running in two of them (including 2013, where I finished ahead of the bombing).

The NBC affiliate in Detroit has a health segment and featured my story earlier this year. I’ve never been more active or felt better. Each day I’m amazed that I no longer take medication and that my eczema is completely gone!



Woman cures Asthma stricken child with Raw Food Juicing

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This woman cured her child’s asthma with Raw Food.  What’s crappy is that she had 3 natural births without a pain shot, the 4th one the doctor ”talked her into it”.  From there after, the child was sickened time after time with illness.  “She was always sick..spent alot of time in pain…started having seizures and start passing out…”  Pretty touching testimonial for sure.

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The 2 Herbs for Asthma, COPD, and Chronic Bronchitis Sufferers

Asthma among children and even adults, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder), and chronic bronchitis cases have surged over the past couple of decades. Unfortunately, mainstream solutions for respiratory issues are falling short, as usual. But natural solutions like khella and lobelia offer relief, with no side effects.

The mainstream medical solutions of inhaled steroids or calcium blockers offer short term relief with long term health hazards. Their usefulness tends to diminish in effectiveness or duration, promoting increased use that causes those other health issues to come on more quickly. Asthma drugs even kill more people than the condition itself.

It’s a vicious cycle that can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, mental disorders, cardiac arrest and premature death. That’s why both herbal remedies for lung issues, khella and lobelia, should be primary choices for chronic bronchial problems.

Khella, commonly called bishop’s weed, is both a vasodilator (dilates blood vessels), and a bronchial dilator. It accomplishes both without caffeine-like or other stimulation affecting the adrenal glands.

It also acts to smooth and strengthen heart muscles to enable a stronger heart beat. Khella even promotes gallbladder bile flow and helps eliminate urinary tract stones. In other words, unlike pharmaceuticals designated for asthma that destroy health, khella “side effects” promote good health.

Though not recommended for use during an asthma attack, using khella daily as recommended is useful for preventing or minimizing acute attacks. This will at least minimize the use of asthma pharmaceuticals for acute attacks. But khella can be used during a bout of bronchitis to ease up congestion and open bronchial passages and airways.

Khella or bishop’s weed is available wherever you can find over-the-counter natural herbal remedies. It can come in extracts or tinctures, tablets, or it can be used as a tea. The extracts and tablets are recommended for daily use as a preventative.

Dosage varies slightly, depending on the delivery type, but taking one of those doses just before going to bed is important for asthmatics. It is common for asthmatics to endure asthma attacks that interrupt sleep patterns needed for restoring immune system energy.

Read: How to Prevent Asthma

Khella can be an issue for those with liver problems. So follow instructions from an herbalist or holistic practitioner.

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Parent choose Raw Food to Cures Son’s Asthma

A brave couple have cured their child’s asthma by going onto juicing and natural foods.This astonishing and awesome miracle was done without any of the chemical rubbish being spawned by big pharma and their cohorts.

In fact the child was already on this chemical cosh supplied by big phama and the child was getting worse and one day her child body went limp!

the child mother i quote said:-

“Then, every parent’s worst fear came true the day Desiree suddenly went limp, and her mother was unable to find a pulse. “That moment,” her mother says, “showed me that medications weren’t helping, but making her worse.”….

…..Desiree went 100% raw and began juicing. Her mother says, “[F]rom day one, she has not had another asthma attack. She has not had another seizure…. She’s had no asthma-related problems since then.” Her mother also explains that, when Desiree had a non-asthma-related hospital visit, everything from her mineral levels to red/white blood counts were within proper range. “She’s not deficient in anything.”


At this point of course all the big pharma stooges will come out of their hidey holes and start saying it was spontaneous remission or this does not prove anything. or that causation is not causality or some some other crock .

I mean they must be absolutely enraged as a LIFE TIME CASH COW of all those inhalers,steroids,hospital visits has been lost… a huge source of income coming to many millions of $$$$ over the lifetime of this child Desiree has been lost to big pharma.

All those lovely dollars lost.Their first line of bs will be the parents are putting their child at “risk”…

no mention of the risk of the side effect of the medications or that the medications were putting the child at no no…that’s a big no…no no.

Read the full story and don’t let the stooges brainwash.…