Raw Recipe: Cinnamon Toast Cheesecake

Wausau News

Our chefs at the Go Raw L.I.F.E. Center in San Diego do come up with some delicious recipes, and desserts are one of our customers’ favorites. We had a specific request for a recipe to the Cinnamon Toast Cheesecake that was posted on their Facebook page last week.

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3 thoughts on “Raw Recipe: Cinnamon Toast Cheesecake

  1. I dont like the ads with sound that appear when clicking in a highlighted word.This is pretty irritating, especially when the family is sleeping. Ther is also no option to turn it off. Do I unsubscribe or is there a way to handle this?

  2. sounds enticing but can’t seem to get the recipe on my Tablet! Anyway raw food is ace, and IF you know anyone wanting to recover with style and grace after cancer diagnosis, please send them this link: http://www.cansurviving.com a one stopshop for body(loads of recipes),mind and spirit- thsnks a lot & we are all in this together….

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