Ralph Cured Cancer with Carrot Juice – Recommends Gerson Therapy

Wausau News

From ChrisBeatCancer.com

My name is Ralph Cole.
In 2005 I had metastasized cancer tumors, primarily in my neck, and was told I needed surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Before my surgery I was advised to juice carrots by the wife of a friend, a woman that had cured herself of ovarian cancer. Not knowing how much juice to drink, I started juicing three pounds of carrots a day, which yields about 3 cups, or a cup of juice per pound.

Four months later when I was due for surgery, I was told by a radiologist that an MRI showed that my tumors had not grown since my first MRI four months before. He also said that my tumors “may have even gotten smaller.” Despite this, he still insisted that without treatment my likelihood of surviving was about three times better with cancer treatment than without it (30% versus 10%). Because I…

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