Florida Woman Cures 4 lb. Brain Tumor with Raw Food

Wausau News

From http://www.aranya.org/Hippocrates_testimonials.html

Overcoming a Brain Tumor
Testimonial by Bonnie Lovett (West Palm Beach, Florida – p.78)

My story begins in 2004. A CAT scan showed that I had a very large mass on the right side of my brain. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor! I could not believe it. To make matters worse, I needed immediate surgery.

We waited two days to see the neurosurgeon. The doctor wanted to take sections of my tumor for a biopsy. My husband, Stuart, told them there was no way he would allow this procedure. Next think we knew, I was dismissed from St. Mary’s Hospital.

By this time, I was having difficulty speaking and was suffering from terrible headaches. I could barely walk and had blurry vision. I also could not write. All my motor skills were not functioning, and I lost the ability to maintain bladder control.


Faced with this dead…

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