Vegetables play role in positive and negative thinking

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(NaturalNews) Plenty of thoughts exist as to what a person’s favorite color or music choice says about them, and now one study says that whether or not we serve vegetables with meals carries significant emotional meaning.

Researchers set out to determine if the addition, or lack of, a vegetable with a meal altered the eater’s attitude towards the meal as well as about the person who made the food. Turns out, there’s a lot to be said about serving vegetables beyond providing a range of health benefits.

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The link between vegetables and perception

The two-phased study involved interviews in addition to a national survey involving 500 American mothers with more than two children age 18 or younger. Study participants were asked to describe their feelings about both the meal and the food preparer based on whether or not a vegetable accompanied the meal. Descriptors such as “loving” and “selfish” were…

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