Facebook contributes to eating disorders

Wausau News

(NaturalNews) Is it possible that the world’s No. 1 social media site could be contributing to another unhealthy condition? Yes, say researchers, who note that young women, especially, who spend a great deal of time on Facebook are more likely to be concerned about body image and, as such, are at risk for eating disorders.

In a newly released study, researchers analyzed how much time 960 female college students spent on the social media site. They also gauged how much “likes” were important to them and whether they ever “untagged” pictures of themselves.

Of the group examined, more than 95 percent said they used Facebook regularly. Of that large group, participants said they typically spent about 20 minutes per visit on the site, for a total of an hour a day.

‘Facebook merges powerful peer influences with broader societal messages regarding women’s appearances’

As reported by HealthDay News:


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