Anti-Science: Those Who Wish to Debate Climate Threatened with Death or Jail

Wausau News

Washington’s Blog
March 24, 2014

Preface: The scientific method requires allowing a free-for-all of hypotheses, which then rise or fall based upon the results of actual experiments.

For example, imprisoning Galileo for life because he didn’t agree with the “accepted” consensus that the Sun revolved around the Earth was not a great example of the scientific method. Instead of conducting experiments to see whether the Earth or Sun were the center of the Solar System, those with the prevailing view simply silenced the dissenter.

Anyone who has studied the history of science knows that many theories that were universally accepted and “known” to be true turned out to be false. See these examples from the Houston Chronicle and the Guardian.

Noam Chomsky said years ago that he would submit to fascism if it would help combat global warming:

Suppose it was discovered tomorrow that the greenhouse effects has been way understimated…

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One thought on “Anti-Science: Those Who Wish to Debate Climate Threatened with Death or Jail

  1. Or suppose it was discovered that with the oceans a couple of degrees warmer there is more evaporation and hence more rain. So the many of the planet’s deserts bloom again and otherwise inhabitable areas become warm and green and there is food for all. Also the increased greenery absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere limiting the global warming to a couple of degrees. It’s funny that only the worst case scenarios get talked about. People are so afraid of change.

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