Woman Cures Herself of oral Herpes goin Raw

Hi Everybody

I just wanted to share my story with you all briefly. Before I went raw I had periodic outbreaks of red itchy bumps around my mouth. My doctor told me it was a virus that could not be cured and lived dormant in the area around my mouth and that outbreaks would be triggered by stress, heat and other things. After I went raw, these itchy bumps flared up basically non-stop for almost 6 months. My Mom told me that I needed to change my diet and blah blah blah….I decided I was really going to stick it out. I can’t stress to you how much of a drag it was living with this for 6 months!! It was a social nightmare. About a month ago I decided to (in addition to being 100% raw) start practicing a healing visualization on a daily basis. I just closed my eyes and pictured the sickness leaving my body and going far far away and seeing myself with perfect clear skin.

Anyway, my skin is now completely clear and beautiful and I am totally convinced that it is never coming back. So to those of you who are detoxing– some things can take a long time to get out of your body and just have faith that you are doing the right thing to cure yourself. You CAN cure yourself, no matter what your doctor tells you. Listen to your body.




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