Super Bowl Snipers – Expect False Flag

My9 New Jersey

East Rutherford, New Jersey (My9NJ) – Along with excited and eager fans, SWAT teams and Snipers will be attending Super Bowl XLVIII. The reason for such high precautions is because the Super Bowl is a level one national security event.

Former FBI agent Jonathan Gilliam explains how snipers work in coordination with SWAT teams to give the fans and players ultimate safety.

“If you have an active shooter or you have anyone who may have a bomb. Snipers have a better angle then anyone who is on the ground to actually hit that target. It’s an entire team that communicates. You have individuals who are at high altitudes inside the arena and then you have individuals that are on the ground moving in and around the crowd,” he explained.

Gilliam discussed an exclusive video of a sniper- Initiated hostage rescue exercise. The video showed how snipers maneuver once shots are heard. Snipers are always hidden and are not visual. These same procedures will be taken if need be during the game.

Just because sniper and SWAT teams will be present at the game, doesn’t mean there is anything for game-goers to worry about. This is a typical assurance taken for an event like the Super Bowl, and the same protocol is always followed every year.

The snipers will just be doing their job so fans can have an enjoyably safe experience.


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