3-ingredient Caramel Bananas

There I was in bed, snuggled with my baby, when Carlos showed up with a plate. He was above me, so I couldn’t see what was on it… He asked if I wanted to try something sweet.

I assumed it was raw.

But he wouldn’t tell me what it was! When this hit my mouth, it was JUST LIKE a creamy cake of sorts. It was SO SWEET and SO INDULGENT that I (even after years of eating this way and knowing raw can be super indulgent!) THOUGHT IT MUST BE COOKED AND STORE BOUGHT! (Because my husband doesn’t make sweets this good. He just eats mine, generally speaking.)

I was genuinely mad for a moment. I thought he had tricked me, and I didn’t understand why he would do such a thing! THEN, he told me he made it. And it was raw.

Glory day!

Three ingredients. Super easy. (Clearly. My husband made it, and he knows NOTHING about raw desserts!) Ridiculously good. Go, Carlos, go, go!


3 bananas
1/2 cup (dry!) cashews
2 Tbsp coconut crystals

Food process the cashews and coconut crystals in a VERY small food processor or mix in a coffee grinder. They should still have some texture and be kind of crumbly. Set aside in a bowl.
Cut bananas LENGTHWISE (from the top where the peel begins, to the bottom where it ends), then cut AGAIN to make 1/2- to 1-inch slices.
Now you’re going to cover the bananas with the mixture. Notice that the INSIDE of the bananas is wet ~ and therefore is better at holding something. That is the part we’re going to cover. The OUTSIDE of the banana slices will be bottom down on the plate.
To cover: Take the slices, and spoon as much of the mix as you’d like on top. I like to have a bowl underneath to catch the extra so I don’t even have to be careful about it. THEN, carefully place on the plate making sure the yummies don’t spill all over.



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