Infowars Crew Annihilates Obama’s SOTU Lies Live On Air

A good hour before Obama’s teleprompter delivered State of the Union address, the crew at Infowars was on the case. In what passed for a politically astute version of Mystery Science Theater, Infowars Nightly News host David Knight and reporters Jakari Jackson and Lee Ann McAdoo joined Alex to provide lead-up, blow-by-blow, and follow-up commentary on the speech.

While the corporate alphabet media dwelled on phony bipartisan harmony, a government mandated raise in the minimum wage, legalizing millions of illegal aliens, and a permanent subsidy of workers screwed by the banksters and transnational corporations, Alex and the Nightly News crew focused on Obama’s brazen subversion of the Constitution and an underhanded move by the ruling elite to fashion him into a dictator.

See the entire broadcast:

The and Prison editorial teams covered the SOTU and associated issues in detail over the last few days. Check out the following articles providing in-depth information and perspectives available only on Alex’s flagship websites:

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State of the Union Takeaway: Dictatorship

CNN Poll: 67% Oppose Obama’s Executive Agenda

Rep. Weber: Obama Is A Socialistic Dictator

Confirmed: Obama to Announce Dictatorial Push At State of the Union



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