Sheriff Slays Dictatorship In Jackson County FEDS will never disarm Americans in this county

Jackson County Sheriff Denny Peyman arrested two members of the Jackson County Council and promised that this is only the tip of the iceberg, leading one resident of Jackson County to loudly proclaim: “I think Jackson County is now a free county. We’ve been under a dictatorship for several years now.” Peyman, who also recently stood up to the federal government by declaring that FEDS will never disarm Americans in his county, blasted the Council by declaring ‘the rich is getting richer, poor getting poorer.’ Is the mass arrests of ALL of the criminal govt officials across the country EXACTLY what America needs right now? We truly need more courageous sheriff’s like Denny Peyman. Video reports below.

Jackson County sheriff Denny Peyman says he’s found evidence of wrongdoing going back decades, but on Tuesday Judge-Executive William O. Smith, and treasurer Beth Sallee were arrested in what Peyman calls just the ‘tip of the iceberg.’

“People have not been able to go to a Fiscal Court Meeting without being bullied, thrown out of a meeting,” said Peyman.

Peyman says the arrests follow an audit of the year ending June 30, 2011, and he says it deals with unaccounted for money.

“What it appears, what is coming back now is the rich getting richer, poor getting poorer,” said Peyman.



One thought on “Sheriff Slays Dictatorship In Jackson County FEDS will never disarm Americans in this county

  1. The rest of the story:
    “The attorney for Jackson County Judge-Executive William O. Smith didn’t have to say a word during a court hearing Thursday to get the criminal charges against her client dismissed.
    When District Judge Renee Muncy called the case, it was special prosecutor Jackie Steele who told Muncy he wanted the charges dismissed.
    Last month, Sheriff Denny Peyman said he had a good case when he interrupted a fiscal court meeting to arrest the judge-executive and the longtime county treasurer, Beth Sallee, on forgery and other charges.
    But Steele said that after reviewing the case and talking with Peyman for more than two hours, he found a lack of evidence to support the criminal charges.”
    Read more here:
    “The bad political blood between Jackson County’s top administrator and its sheriff took another turn Monday with a federal lawsuit seeking more than $5 million.
    An attorney representing Judge-Executive William O. Smith filed the complaint for him against Sheriff Denny Peyman, alleging that Peyman had violated Smith’s rights by arresting him.”
    Read more here:

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