Mother Dolphin Carrying Dead Baby on Her Back Moves Netizens

An Adult Dolphin Carries a Baby Dolphin on Its Back, Refusing to Abandon It

At a dolphin watching tourist area of the sea in Qinzhou of Guangxi province, an adult dolphin was seen using its back to carry a young dolphin having difficulty swimming towards the deep sea. Because of the relatively choppier waves, the baby dolphin slid off into the sea several times, only for the adult dolphin to dive down to again carry it back up and continue on… Netizens felt sorry for the dolphin mother: “Child: No matter if you’re dead or alive, I will never abandon you, I will always take you home!”

July 8th, at Qinzhou Sanniang Bay, the homeland of the Chinese White Dolphin, this author witnessed a touching scene: In the choppy waves of the ocean, at a dolphin watching tourist area of the sea, an adult dolphin approximately 3 meters long was using its back to carry a baby dolphin about 1.5 meters long struggling to swim towards the deep sea. Only when the boat got closer did we discover: This baby dolphin was already dead, with a wound approximately 30cm along its abdomen, the blood stain having already become black. The adult dolphin carried her on its back swimming towards the deep sea at a rate of over 40km/h. Throughout the nearly 3 minutes this author was watching, and as a result of the relatively choppy waves, the baby dolphin slipped off the adult dolphin’s back 5 times, nearly sinking into the ocean, and no matter how the boat got closer, the adult dolphin would ignore all safety and danger to immediately come back, dive down, and lift the baby dolphin back onto its back to continue forward…



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