Man Posts On Facebook About “Police State” and FBI brings every post he ever wrote

We use Facebook for many things, some of us use it for posting pictures of our food, others for posting the infamous “selfie”, and some of us to vent our frustrations with thegovernment and politics as a whole. No matter the reason you use Facebook, you expect to be able to post just about anything you want(aside from death threats to the President) without being hassled since our right to free speech is protected.

Well that’s not the experience Blaine Cooper from Humboldt, AZ had. The 33 year old posted a rant on Facebook showing his frustration with the country and within 24 hours he was contacted by the police and FBI. On August 23, Officer Jason Kaufman of thePrescott Valley Police Department contacted Cooper and told him that he needed to come down to the station for questioning with the FBI. He complied and the interview, with federal agents present the whole time, lasted 45 minutes then Cooper was released after it was determined he wasn’t a threat.

“They had every Facebook post I had ever made in a huge file, along with all my wife’s information, and parent’s information,”

Cooper stated that complying with the request for an interview saved him from having his home raided by the Feds, and that by complying he was “diffusing the situation”, according to police who said his home may have been raided otherwise. “The FBI made mention they came to question me so they didn’t have to kick in my door,” Cooper said.

Cooper made a Youtube Video later in the day because he still felt threatened by his encounter with the Feds.


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