Heart Breaking sh it : Photos of Baby Dying after Receiving BCG Vaccine



Infant’s body atrophies after getting BCG vaccine [against tuberculosis], CDC says it is a case study

“I thought you were going to be another one of life’s miracles, but closing my eyes, all I can hear is the sound of my heart breaking…” lamented a mother as she held her child who has been given a death sentence from a serious disease.

At the [Zhejiang Province] Anji County’s Dipu town clinic, lying in his mother’s arms, Little Ruirui opens his eyes, an IV drip hanging from his foot. He couldn’t possibly know what disease he has contracted, and all he feels is suffering.

7-month old Little Ruirui has already received several months of treatment at Hangzhou, Shanghai, and other places, but because [his family] couldn’t afford the expensive treatment costs, on May 5th, he has once again returned to Dipu. Now, he has lost his hair, his muscles loose, his head and body even shedding layers and layers of skin.

The Shanghai city Public Health Clinical Center diagnosed him with acute bronchial pneumonia, septicemia, pulmonary infection, disseminated BCG [tuberculosis] disease, hyper-IgE syndrome, and a zero-chance of curing him. A life that hasn’t yet begun has already entered its final moments.

2011 May 19th noon, devastating news arrives.

Little Ruirui in the end had no options for escaping the disease, and at around 11:20 passed away. Before having a chance to enjoy any of life’s happiness, he hastily left.

I am at the hospital at this time, at child’s side keeping him company, and not in much of a mood to write anything. I just want to post the photos, so that everyone can feel for a moment what is called tragedy, a tragedy that should never have happened to an innocent and lovely child.

From 19Lou:

Probabilty is only 0.19~1.56 out of 1 million, provincial health department expert yesterday answers questions related to the Anji “Atrophied Baby”
Disseminated BCG disease is extremely rare, normal children need not worry

The Chinese news report mentions that Little Ruirui has passed away and that there is a lot of public anger and concern regarding BCG vaccinations. Health departmentrepresentatives explain that what happened to Little Ruirui is due to an immune system defect, and that the probability for something similar happening due to the vaccine for normal children is very rare.


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