This cartoon brilliantly explains the truth about cancer research


This comic strip perfectly illustrates the fact that despite the industry propaganda claiming
“We’re one step closer to the cure”, many cancer researchers freely admit that there will never be a pharmaceutical cure for cancer.

They aren’t even close.

But they’re getting paid to keep looking, so they keep looking.

If this cartoon leaves you feeling a little hopeless, don’t be!

Cancer research (for the most part) focuses on manipulating the micro-environment and behavior of cancer cells with drugs while ignoring the macro-environment of the whole body. That’s where they have it all wrong.

The real cure to cancer lies within your own body. It’s called healing.

You aren’t sick because you have cancer. You have cancer because you are sick.


Cancer is the symptom of a sick body, not the cause.  Your body created cancer and your body can heal it, assuming the underlying causes of cancer are addressed: exposure to environmental toxins, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle habits like prescription drug use, lack of exercise and sleep, and finally stress. So I have to disagree with that particular premise in the comic strip. Cancer IS caused by agents outside your body as well as functions in your body failing, like your immune system.

You have to heal the whole body.

The way you do that is by supporting your body’s ability to repair, regenerate and detoxify by radically changing your diet and lifestyle, and overdosing on nutrition. You have to completely change your life!

This is the same approach that I followed, and that every natural survivor I know followed as well.

If you’re new to this site, start with my FAQ page. Then read all the natural survivor stories I’ve shared on this site. You’ll see that despite what the cancer industry wants you to believe,
healing cancer is absolutely possible. People are doing it!


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