Solar Heater , No Fan, Works, costs $30

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I was watching my first video again originally describing the project and discovered this…

The day I made this video the highs were in the teens. I would hope you would agree that in the most well insulated house the furnace would come on at least a couple times even on a sunny day because the house does not have sunlight heating items in side a North room.

If you would… look at the video at the 5:50 second mark of the first video and pause it. You should notice the thermostat set at 65 degrees, which is where we keep our house to keep heating bills down.

Now… even though the thermostat is set at 65 it shows the temperature at 70 plus degrees. .. the thermostat is in a North room in my house… The reason for the increase is I have the fan turned “on” to allow air circulation throughout the whole house from the room being heated with the panels… can the naysayers explain that away?


This panel is only 3/4 of an inch thick and weighs in at less than three pounds. On a partly cloudy day the black foil collector reached about 150 degrees (during the sunny times). The film front only felt warm to the touch and the aluminum flashing on the back of the panel only made it to 98 degrees.

This type of solar panel (like most) only work if you have south facing windows; and of course, a little sun helps. But the nice thing about these panels… They are VERY easy to make and hang “INSIDE” your window where you don’t need to concern yourself with zoning codes or big ugly boxes hanging on the side on your house. A plus, you can take them down in the summer; also, because of their design… you can use these in apartments and condos.

The design… there are virtually no size limits, allows you to custom size them to fit “ANY” window and they allow for light to come through around the edges.

The panel is without any electrical or mechanical parts and they work fine with its natural rising of heat through the back chamber of the panel. To aid the distribution of the heat rising to the ceiling in your room is to add a (SMALL) fan pointing to the ceiling to circulate the air or better yet, if you have one, you can place the fan on something like a bookcase with the fan facing down.

Another option for better circulation (throughout the home) add fans to pull the heat from the main room to other rooms in each doorway and set the fans to their absolute lowest settings.

Yet another option… turn your thermostat’s fan to on so the furnace fan runs all the time; this will allow for the best circulation throughout the house… put it back to auto at night.

The only hard to find part of this panel is the Cinefoil which can be bought from my website
Let’s get started…

Click Link For Instructions


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