The 9/11 First Responders Betrayed By The Government !

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  • Published on Jan  8, 2014 
    The Highest Cost: What’s life like for the 9/11 first responders told they were heroes then abandoned with health problems?

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    First responders after 9/11 have since been diagnosed with cancers which up until now have not been recognised by the federal government. Over ten years of emotional lobbying to make cancer eligible for treatment and payments and their fight is finally gaining recognition.

    “You lied to us, you told us the air was good, we did what we were supposed to do believing that our country was on our side”. After 9/11, responders faced toxic exposures known to be relating to cancer. Often with no masks they faced clouds, smoke and debris in order to clear Ground Zero. Despite evidence proving cancers spread amongst the 9/11 community, it has remained unrecognised by the federal…

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