Organic foods have come under fire recently after several reports claimed that organic was not in fact any better for consumers than non-organic. However, many of the headlines were misleading in several ways, the most important being that the studies actually found that organic produce was in fact better for consumers where as organic milk was about the same. This is good news for vegans and vegetarians since this means that organic produce really does have a less-likely chance of being exposed to harsh and toxic pesticides and other growth-enhancing chemicals.

According to the Academy of American Pediatrics, for kids especially, consumers can not rely on federal standards for pesticide residue when it comes to staying healthy and avoiding toxic chemicals used in the growing process. By eating organic produce, kids and adults alike will have fewer toxins and pesticides introduced into their bodies through the food they eat, which can aid in developing a child’s fine motor skills at an appropriate pace and can help adults strive towards optimal health through increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Here are some of the primary benefits of eating organic produce:

  • You limit the amount of illness-causing pesticides you are ingesting, which is especially important in young children who’s brains are still developing.
  • By eating organic produce you help keep farmers and workers safe by limiting their exposure to harsh pesticides and chemicals. The same is true for our environment as eating organic helps reduce the amount of chemicals in our soil and water supply.
  • Every time you choose to buy organic produce, you help support smaller farms. By supporting these smaller farms we have the opportunity to impact the entire food system as it is now.
  • Organic foods, especially raw or unprocessed, contain higher levels of beta carotene, vitamins C, D and E, and other cancer-fighting antioxidants.

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