US sailors who assisted at Fukushima are contracting cancers and other diseases

After the tsunami struck Japan in March 2011, the USS Ronald Reagan was called into action to help in the rescue efforts. Now it’s being reported that some of those who assisted at Fukushima are contracting cancers and other diseases.

It’s reported that at least eight sailors are suing the Tokyo Electric Power Co., (TEPCO). The suit was filed at the U.S. federal court in San Diego and is seeking a total of $110 million, or 9.4 billion yen, in damages.

Dozens of sailors who were aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan when it was involved in “Operation Tomodachi,” are claiming they now suffers from crippling cancers and other devastating diseases from the radiation encountered at Fukushima.

The website Zero Hedge reports the sailors’ lawsuit alleges TEPCO did not “provide appropriate information about the Fukushima nuclear disaster while they engaged in rescue operations” while on board the USS Ronald Reagan.

The lawsuit also claims the sailors were exposed to radiation and face health threats. A video on the Young Turks Youtube channel says these diseases include cancers, thyroid disease and uterine bleeding.

Fox News reports that Quartermaster Maurice Enis, who is still serving on the USS Ronald Reagan, began noticing strange lumps appearing on his body. He was tested and it revealed that he had radiation poisoning, unfortunately his illness will only get worse.

Enis’ fiance Jamie Plym also served aboard the USS Ronald Reagan and spent several months at Fukushima is getting sick. She is said to have begun developing chronic bronchitis and hemorrhaging.

Plym, Enis and 49 other members of the Reagan and her sister ship the USS Essex can now trace their illnesses from exposure to radiation at Fukushima. The ship’s desalination system pulled in contaminated seawater, which poisoned the sailors. This is the same system which supplies water for drinking, bathing and cooking for the sailors.

Plym told, “At our level, we weren’t told anything, we were told everything was OK.” Understandably Plym is angry because the sailors were told as long as the plume, of radiation, was avoided, they would be fine.

It’s obvious that the Navy didn’t go to Fukushima prepared to deal with radiation containment and as a result many sailors are now getting sick from radiation poisoning. Despite TEPCO not telling the world how serious the situation was the Navy should have known that radiation spewing into the air and water would put sailors at risk.

Plym said about the disaster, “common sense tells you that the wind would blow it (radiation) everywhere. You don’t need to be a nuclear scientist to figure that out.” If a sailor can figure that out then why couldn’t the Navy?

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