50 Reasons Obama is a Dictator

50) He blatantly violated bankruptcy laws to force through payoffs for unions.

49) He tried to persecute George Zimmerman after he had been exonerated in a court of law.

48) He illegally tried to force through invented taxes without Congress.

47) He illegally took foreign campaign contributions.


46) He illegally used tax dollars to fund partisan campaign events.

45) He arbitrarily decided to pick and choose which parts of his disastrous health care take-over to enforce until after the election.

44) He blatantly disregarded an order by a federal judge to stop illegally trying to shut down all American energy exploration.

43) He illegally bypassed Congress to repeal wildly successful welfare reforms.

42) He illegally refused to enforce drug sentencing laws.

41) He protected illegal immigrants as they protested for more taxpayer-funded handouts on “closed” monuments, but then sent in federal police to attack law-abiding veterans for peacefully disagreeing with him…all while deliberately making the “shutdown” as painful as possible for the American people.

40) He staged phony “investigations” into illegal NSA spying, appointing White House cronies to pretend to clear their own names.

39) He appointed dozens of unaccountable “czars” and racist lunatics to influential posts without the Senate.


38) He used his illegal health care takeover to force through obscene partisan payoffs for political allies.

37) He blatantly violated federal energy laws.

36) He exploded the national debt while demanding unlimited borrowing power for himself.

35) He illegally spied on everyone but Muslims and terrorists.

34) He tried to illegally seize treaty-ratifying powers from the Senate.

33) He corrupted and politicized the Census Bureau for partisan gain.

32) He illegally attacked a sovereign country (Libya) with zero authorization from Congress.

31) He illegally ordered his Department of Justice to stop enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act.

30) He made illegal “recess appointments” while the Senate was still in session.

29) He illegally enforced legislation already struck down by the Supreme Court (Voting Rights Act).


28) He illegally used the EPA to impose drasticdevastating environmental regulations rejected by Congress.

27) He had his EPA create phony employees and email accounts to hide his administration’s conduct from the public.

26) He criminalized being a conservative in the military.

25) He publicly called outtargeted, and persecuted private citizens who dared to donate money to his opponents.

24) He illegally seized media phone records and targeted journalists who questioned him.

23) He tried to sue Boeing into submission for daring to survive crippling union abuses by moving to a Right-to-Work state (South Carolina).

22) He tried to prosecute Bush attorneys for daring to write legal opinions that he disagreed with.


21) He used the EPA to hinder political opponents.

20) He threatened the broadcasting license of a Pennsylvania station just for considering airing an ad on his extreme anti-gun record.

19) He smearsinsults and blacklists any news media outlet that actually questions him.

18) He had HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius issue threats and order private companies not to criticize Obamacare or correctly link it to cuts in benefits.

17) He sued the state of Arizona for daring to enforce the most lenient immigration laws on the planet.

16) He illegally ordered private companies and religious institutions to violate their own beliefs and provide contraceptives free of charge to all female employees.

15) He illegally forced through speech-trampling attacks on everyone but unions, without Congress.


14) He imposed his illegaleconomykilling health care takeover on an unwilling public through openblackmail and bribery.

13) He aggressively suppressed military votes.

12) He illegally distributed farmers’ personal information to environmental fanatics for harassment and intimidation.

11) Deliberately provoked and staged a phony “government shutdown” crisis to turn public opinion against Republicans.

10) He launched partisan IRS attacks on the Tea Parties, anti-abortion groups, and individual criticsduring a major national election.


9) He granted himself the power to assassinate any American citizen he deems “associated” with terrorists without any due process.

8) He launched repeated “investigations” against any state that dared to require free (or nearly free) state IDs for voting (to prevent rampant Democrat voter fraud–see herehere and here).

7) He illegally instructed his DHS to stop enforcing our immigration laws while quietly crippling our ability to deport virtually anyone (to import millions of new Democrat voters)…which enabled numerous, entirely preventable rapes and murders against Americans for years.

6) He refused to let his Attorney General prosecute armed Black Panthers who were caught on video openly intimidating voters at polling places on Election Day in 2008.

5) He is an open racist.


4) He deliberately abandoned American officials and citizens to be savagely murdered in the streets in Benghazi, erroneously blamed critics of Islam, apologized to the terrorists, and silenced witnesses to cover it all up.

3) He illegally armed barbaric Mexican drug cartels to stage gun violence that would prompt and legitimize his attack on the 2nd Amendment (which did eventually happen)…and had his administration lie repeatedlyabout Fast & Furious while vindictively retaliating against whistle-blowers and threatening ATF employees.

2) He launched a blatantly illegal attack on our gun rights.

1) He armedaidedfundedsupported and protected Islamic terrorists at every turn…and evenrecruited them to highly sensitive government posts.

It goes on and on, and on…and on (especially when you consider that the 10th Amendment makes much of what the Federal Government does illegal in the first place, as I explained here).

Act like a fascist dictator, get compared to one. It’s that simple.Obama2


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