What I Ate Today

Eat To Inspire

I decided to do a fun little blog today. Today was my day off so I had the time to photograph everything that I consumed in the day and it looks a little something like this;

7:45 – Upon waking, I filled my mason jar with 1 litre of water and some lemon to add a bit of flavour and cleanse my system. I also opted for a Yogi Tea sweet chai (caffeine free) tea as it was pretty freezing in Brizzle today.

9:00 – I went for a 3 mile run.

10.00 – I got home and juiced a massive cucumber which I mixed with about 1.2 litres of orange juice for a super delicious refreshing breakfast. This equates to about 500 calories.

14.00 – For lunch I had a 9 banana smoothie. Yummers. Then for lunch part 2, I had this huge salad with pomegranate, orange and peppers…

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