Raw Vegan Pecan Pie for Everyone


More and more people are going down different paths of healthy living these days, and even people like me (who can’t seem to give up cheese) are finding themselves eating healthier. Well, I’m making strides. I’ve eaten a few vegan/vegetarian recipes that furthered my concept of boring health food. Essentially I’ve had a lot of salad and faux meat dishes that were pretty sub-par. But, over the holidays I incorporated vegan options for some of my more health conscious family, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

One of the scary things to me about going vegan is that I have a sweet tooth that is fueled by my baking love affair. It wasn’t until recently that I learned vegan recipes are just as awesome (and guilt-free). Yes, everyone, I made my first foray into vegan baking which I’ll be honest, doesn’t really feel like…

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