[Watch] Florida Police Try to Serve Warrant on Wrong House, Shoot Owner’s Dog

Holly Hill, FL police officers are investigating the shooting of a Volusia County, Florida man’s dog, which resulted in a late night trip to a veterinarian for surgery.

The incident began when Holly Hill police came to Richard Stotlar’s home at around midnight, Friday. Stotlar says the officers told him they were trying to serve a warrant on a prostitute at his home. Stotlar responded to the officers that there must have been a mistake and that he didn’t know the woman nor did she live at his address.

He said the officers wanted to argue about it so he simply shut the door and went back to watching TV. Shortly thereafter, Stotlar heard three gunshots coming from the backyard of his home and he raced outside to investigate. He found his dog, “Lady” surrounded by the same officers, yelping in pain. She had three gunshot wounds and powder burns on her face.

The police reportedly claim that the dog made an aggressive move towards them. Stotlar described his dog this way, “She is a big baby. She is not a vicious animal.”

The officers had pried the gate to Stotlar’s yard open and entered without permission. There are warnings signs posted on the gate reading, “No Trespassing” and “Beware of Dog.” The police chose to go in anyway.

The officers acknowledged on the scene that the shooting was a “rookie mistake” and that the vet bill would be on them.

Stotlar has an attorney and is considering legal action. PETA has also gotten involved.

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