New Jersey neo-Nazi says “I am not allowed to have children because I am a Nazi”

By David Ferguson
Thursday, January 2, 2014 15:26 EST

A serially unemployed, tattoo-swathed neo-Nazi is declaring that Child Protective Services is “discriminating” against him after removing his ninth child — a newborn girl named Eva Braun — from his custody. The New York Daily News reported that Heath Campbell arrived in court to protest the removal dressed entirely in Third Reich regalia.

“I’m not allowed to have children because I’m a Nazi,” said Heath Campbell, 40, to the Daily News. “That’s what they’re saying. Well, I’ll stop making them when they stop taking them.”

Campbell first came to national attention in 2008 when a grocery store refused to write “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler” on a birthday cake for Campbell’s son, Adolf Hitler Campbell.

The Nazi-obsessed father of nine has had children with five women but currently has custody of none of them. In addition to Adolf Hitler Campbell, he is the father of girls JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honzlynn Jeannie Campbell and son Heinrich Hons Campbell. Eva Lynn Patricia Braun Campbell was born on November 11.

Campbell’s current girlfriend Bethanie Zito went into labor while visiting relatives in Pennsylvania and gave birth at Chambersburg Hospital there. On the day she was set to leave with her newborn daughter, Zito said, workers from the Franklin County, Pennsylvania Children and Youth Services came and took the baby.

Zito — whose first child is currently a ward of the state — flew into a rage, reported the Daily News.

“I started screaming. I got hysterical,” she said. “I had just been checked out. I was breast-feeding my daughter for two days straight. I changed her. I had clothes on her.”

“They kidnapped her,” Campbell insisted. “Because I’m not going to mix with the opposite races and I’m not going to let my children mix, that gives them the right to steal my child?”

Last June, Campbell arrived in court to fight court orders regarding his other children wearing a full Third Reich uniform and medals. He sports a large swastika tattoo on his neck.

The custody case over baby Eva has been remanded back to the court in Northampton County, which took Zito’s first baby. A court hearing has been scheduled for Monday, January 6.




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