Neenah, Wisconsin Police Department Unlawfully Detaining Citizens

This post was shared via’s submit pageby Appleton Cop Block.

While on Cop Watch in Neenah, Wisconsin Saturday into Sunday December 29, 2013, I came upon five Neenah PD squad cars. The police were positioned in the middle of a bridge that spans multiple set of railroad tracks. I witnessed three individuals detained by the Neenah PD. Two of the individuals were handcuffed and the third was being observed a short distance away. The lead cop was aggressively interviewing one of the citizens. The lead cop was using standard deception tactics used to illicit an incriminating response from the citizen. This was no doubt an indiscriminate and unlawful detention by the Neenah Police. The Neenah PD is by no means a civil rights advocate as demonstrated by their unlawful stop and threatened execution of Charles Branstrom, an open carry advocate here in Wisconsin. The three individuals in the video were eventually released without any charges but declined to talk to me. The actions depicted in this video is a clear example of how a Police State operates. If this video disturbs you please call the Neenah PD and let them know. And remember, NEVER talk to cops.



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