Holy Crap Lady says “It’s not AUTISM” …our RAW recovery of so called Autism(part 1)

Our journey to reverse the course of “autism”. Our recovery from Gut and Psychology syndrome with raw foods, superfoods, beneficial micro-organisms, and biomedical treatments. I wanted to add that we have stopped using Adya Clarity due to some recent findings that this product may contain dangerous amounts of aluminum. So, if you are interested in this product, do your research first and make an informed decision.

How we are using raw foods, superfoods, beneficial microorganisms and organic gardening to heal my son who presented with autistic-like traits.
Addendum!!! I wanted to let you tknow that we stopped using Adya Clarity due to recent findings that the product may contain unsafe amounts of Aluminum. The just is stilll out on the actual effects of this aluminum, but I prefer not to take the chance. Please do your own research before trying this product and any other product I mention here.


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