Bret Bohn: Medical Prisoner Over 60 Days in Anchorage, Alaska


While many of us had Christmas and New Years, the family of 26-year-old Bret Bohn has held a vigil across the street from Providence Hospital, Anchorage, Alaska  as they have most of this fall. Fighting some of the coldest temperatures of the season, they have held a vigil in an attempted to have their son released from the hospital.

It has been 60 days. There has been no diagnosis, no second opinion, and Providence has custody of him.

The hospital won’t let his parents in to see him. Other family members are being given very limited access. He has requested release and does not want to go to Boston for treatment.

He is being held as a medical prisoners. The family has appealed to the hospital staff to release him, to no avail. They have tried Governor Parnell–who only blocked the family from Facebook and refused their calls.

Providence called for an emergency hearing Thursday after Christmas. They want to force the transfer of Bret to John Hopkins Research Facility in Boston, MA. This is totally against Bret’s and his family’s wishes.

Based on statements on theirFacebook page, I have attempted to construct the details of the event according to the family’s statements below.

“I Lorraine Phillips am the mother of Bret Bohn who is a 26 year old healthy young man with no other health problems other than his nasal polups/smell disorder. His father and I brought Bret into the ER at Providence Hospital on October 16th, 2013 because he had not slept for 7 days (insomnia) there Providence release Bret to us the same day subscribed him medication that we as parents thought would help him sleep. Brought him home where he had suffered one seizures, and still did not sleep (now 11 days) his father and I brought Bret back to Providence Hospital ER on October 20th, 2013 where he had been given more medication and suffered three more seizures and was taken into ICU. He has not had seizures to date since he got out of ICU the day of October 22nd, 2013.

Bret is held against his will and those of his parents. We begged the doctors to stop medication after Bret had not slept for 24 days they agreed and Bret finally got sleep and was doing better. Father and I were stripped of Bret’s legal documents and then Providence resumed medication & restricted visitation on family and friends to one hour or less.
Because Bret has no insurance, John Hopkins Medical Research facility is the only one that would accept Bret.” Bret’s parents have repeatedly stated they will gladly cover ALL of Bret’s local medical care, but not a medical TRIAL TESTING FACILITY(on the other side of the country).

Providence told Bret’s parents “Bret May not ever come home”.

Another cat scan (makes 4th known) performed on Christmas Eve in preparation to transfer to John Hopkins Research Facility. All against Bret and his families wishes. Bret’s arms are completely covered with puncture from the forced meds given intravenously. 22 known drugs being administered to Bret, all against his and his families demands. His pupils are dilated fully most of the time from the forced meds. For almost 60 days there was no diagnoses.

No visitation as of December 25th. Family and friends are begging to visit Bret but they have him in complete isolation to date.

Father called on December 30th was told by Providence fifth floor nursing staff Bret was not there and they could not give any information to him regarding his care. We are very hurt and fear for his life because Bret has continue to decline in the very hands that we trusted to help Bret. Please continue to pray for Bret and for a change of heart of those caring for Bret. Bret himself has and continues to pray for the doctors and staff that they may have some compassion on him.

Providence plans to force the transfer to John Hopkins Medical Research Facility. There, they plan to administer trial drugs and perform a biopsy of his brain for research.

The family has demanded a second opinion.
The family has demanded transfer to another hospital.
Bret and his family have demanded that the drugs be stopped immediately.
There was NOTHING wrong with Bret that weaning off of the nasal prescription would not have cured.
All demands have been denied by Providence Hospital.

Pray for Bret and his family. Providence Hospital has systematically removed their rights and have arranged for Bret to be removed from the state and family. He will be reduced to a Guinea pig and butchered until his death.

Facebook page for the cause has been established to keep people informed on events related to Bret Bohn’s release and medical condition.



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