Ron Paul “Why This Homeschool Curriculum Matters to Me”

Ron Paul

During my presidential campaigns people used to ask how I could keep up such a punishing schedule. And believe me, it was quite a schedule. I’d be campaigning in Iowa in the morning and debating in New Hampshire at night. I’d do radio, television, public speeches — and that was just before lunch.

But you know what I used to tell people? You energize me, I would say.

To speak to such large, energetic crowds — and filled with so many young people! — who cared as deeply as I do about war, the Fed, Austrian economics, the Constitution, and so much else, was deeply moving for me.

The people in those audiences hadn’t learned those things in their classrooms. If anything, they learned the opposite of what they were cheering in my speeches. That means they figured these things out for themselves, despite overwhelming pressure to believe the opposite, and despite never being exposed to them in their official studies.

Although the campaigns were indeed exhausting, I have no regrets about my decisions to run for president. It was a great privilege to share with so many fellow Americans a truly special moment in American history, when we all discovered how much larger our side is than any of us could have imagined.

I want to keep this momentum going. I want to keep these ideas fresh and vibrant. That’s why I decided to launch my own homeschool curriculum.

If millions of people managed to learn about the Fed on their own, when all respectable opinion was telling them the Fed was wonderful and benign, imagine what we could achieve if students actually learned real economics and history in their daily studies.

The typical classroom is not neutral. It does not give both sides on the Fed, or on limited government, or on pretty much anything we believe in. But what if students really could get both sides — and actually hear about the freedom philosophy instead of being deprived of it?

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to look around at what we’ve created. It’s still a work in progress — some grades are not ready yet, but they will be soon. Kindergarten through fifth grade will be available for free.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this program. Click here to learn more about it!


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