NSA Coworker Recalls Edward Snowden As Principled Genius Who Kept Copy Of US Constitution At Desk

snowden graphic

An anonymous former coworker of Snowden’s has come forward to refute the negative picture of the whistleblower offered in a recent 60 Minutes puff-piece on the NSA. Snowden wasn’t a slouch or cheat. He didn’t “steal” access to sensitive data, either: His NSA superiors gave it to him. What’s amazing about that is that Snowden actually wore the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s anti NSA hoodie to work and kept a copy of the constitution at his desk. (“Hey, I’ve got a great idea! Let’s give this guy who is practically screaming dissenting patriot and whistleblower keys to our vault of shadowy, criminal secrets!”)

Via Forbes:

  • Snowden’s superiors were so impressed with his skills that he was at one point offered a position on the elite team of NSA hackers known as Tailored Access Operations. He unexpectedly turned it down and instead joined Booz Allen to work at NSA’s Threat Operation Center.
  • Another hint of his whistleblower conscience, aside from the telltale hoodie: Snowden kept a copy of the constitution on his desk to cite when arguing against NSA activities he thought might violate it.
  • The source tells me Snowden also once nearly lost his job standing up for a coworker who was being disciplined by a superior.
  • Snowden often left small, gifts anonymously at colleagues’ desks.
  • He frequently walked NSA’s halls carrying a Rubik’s cube–the same object he held to identify himself on a Hong Kong street to the journalists who first met with him to publish his leaks.

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