Man Cures Himself of Horrific Tumor Behind His Eye using The Gerson Therapy

Once I found out I had a tumor (no idea if it was cancerous or not without surgery), I did the Gerson Therapy protocol for the nonmalignant patient. Which is 10 juices a day & 3 coffee enemas a day. Only eating foods allowed on the Gerson Therapy which mainly consists of fresh organic fruits and vegetables along with oatmeal and an oil and salt free rye bread. One a week I was allowed organic quinoa. I was not allowed to consume any salt and oil was limited to 2 tablespoons of flax seed oil which I could use on my salads or baked potatoes. Avoiding all toxins was a must. You don’t realize just how many toxins you are exposed to on a daily basis in your own home. We switched to vinegar and plant based soaps for home cleaning and personal use. A lot of the ingredients in shampoos, bar soaps and cosmetics are very dangerous. I took all the supplements I could get in the USA. Only thing I could not get was liver & B12 injection and the thyroid. The liver pills I took had some B12 in them so I just took a extra one of those every 2nd day.

Of course with this routine any processed foods were a no-no. The day we found out I had the tumor, my wife cleaned out our cupboards, fridge and freezer so that there was nothing old left to tempt me.

For the first couple weeks my new organic diet tasted bland and was very difficult. After that time, my cells started releasing the excess sodium and my taste buds began to heal. I was amazed at how I really started to taste subtle flavors in my meals and truly enjoy and appreciate the wonderful flavors of all the different fruits and vegetables.

When I would see processed foods in the store or at someones house, I found it really helpful to think to myself “I could have those if I wanted to but I don’t want them”. My wife had a much harder time with that (she switched her diet as well). But we found out that she had parasites in her intestines and liver that truly were activating cravings for carbs and oil in her. Once she started a natural regime to eliminate the parasites, her cravings vanished.
About 2 1/2 months into the therapy I had the benign tumor(pathology report confirmed this) located behind my right removed surgically. Just because it was large and getting close to my optic nerve. Which if touched would make me blind in that eye. The tumor was removed cleanly and intact. But I continued the therapy just in case.

The surgeon does these types of tumor removals from behind the eye a lot. He was very certain the tumor was going to be very sponge like and he would just reach in and squeeze it and remove it. But it was as hard as a rock! He had to remove a small piece of bone above my eye socket just to remove it.

I recall reading in the gerson book that tumors grow larger before they body kills/removes it. So I truly think my body was starting to get rid of it. But it was dangerously close to my optic nerve. If it would have crushed it, I would have been blind in my right eye.

Another thing that the surgeon said, is that I would have short term (2 – 3 months) double vision or long term (4 – 8 months or longer) double vision. If it didn’t correct itself. Another surgery to correct that.

But the day after the surgery NO DOUBLE VISION at all! Still have no double vision. I really credit the Gerson Therapy for that.

My vision improved in both eyes just 9 months into the therapy. I was able to read about 4-5 lines lower than when I started. I can verify this because I had a full vision test with documentation about 2 weeks before I started the therapy and then 9 month after that.

Side by Side photo of beginning & end of Gerson Therapy…

Close up of my eyes. Before & After…

Amount of organic produce for 10 glasses of juiced and drank EVERY day…

Gerson Therapy Experience | My Average Day | Time Lapse

Mobile Version (unlisted) of this same video but with music that YouTube will allow to be played on mobile devices. But I prefer the music in the video you just watched.…

Mobile Version on Vimeo with the song “Together We Will Live Forever”.
1 Year on Gerson Therapy | Photo Morph | Tumor Behind My Eye

This documentary got me thinking different about things about a year before I started the therapy –
Watch the 1st 8 mins here –…


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