Video Captures Georgia Cop Slamming 70-Year-Old Woman’s Face Into Pavement

A Georgia woman arrested on suspicion of DUI was brutally slammed face first into the concrete earlier this week, prompting an internal police investigation.

The cellphone video, uploaded by YouTube user “Nick James,” shows police removing 70-year-old Kathleen Allegrone from her car after witnesses reported seeing her hit another vehicle.

“An officer entered the vehicle, opened the door and pushed her to the ground,” an anonymous witness told Action News Jax.

While witnesses agreed the woman absolutely needed to be subdued by police, none felt she deserved what happened next.

The video then shows an irate Allegrone being taken to a police vehicle across the street by two officers. After being handcuffed, witnesses were shocked to see Glynn County officer Kevin Jones, according to the video description, slam the senior face-first into the pavement, reportedly breaking her nose.

“It really looked like a UFC takedown. Everyone just went silent,” the witness said. “The tape doesn’t do it justice either, the slam or the anguished cry afterwards.”

Witnesses looked on in astonishment as police attempted to bring a motionless Allegrone to her feet.

from a brain injury or affected for life, and it’s just lucky she didn’t,” the witness added.

Following the violent slam, an officer interviewing witnesses can immediately be seen stepping in front of the video, attempting to block the user’s view.

“I’m just asking you not to do it,” the officer says repeatedly.

The officer, attempting to end the man’s video documentation, proceeds to use intimidation tactics, asking the man for his name before the video ends.

The Glynn County Police Department has been asked to open its own internal investigation by the local Board of County Commissioners. The offending officer has been suspended with pay for the duration of the investigation.

Whether or not Allegrone will press charges is unknown. She is free on bail, facing DUI and felony obstructing officers charges.



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