(Watch) Clear Evidence The Sandy Hook Kids Are Alive

It has been a year since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Now in the midst of all the media buzz of calls to restrict the Second Amendment, one person has found something earth shattering to the agenda. The Kids of Sandy Hook are alive.

One year after the tragic event, many of the main stream media jumped on the band wagon of playing to the liberal agenda and exploiting that tragedy. For all day on the 14th of December, papers like the New York Post, Huffington Post, and others called to remember the tragedy by calling for stricter gun control. They were joined by outcries from CBS, NBC, and CNN.

Funny thing is that if the laws that were on the books were enforced, it would not have happened. The man wasn’t even supposed to own a gun. He supposedly killed his own mother for the guns. Even stranger than fiction is the crisis actors that have shown up in other locations throughout the year including the LAX shooting.

Now one man man declares he has the ultimate proof that the children at the tragedy never died. He states the whole thing was a hoax to get the American people to give up their guns.Take a look at the above video and you be the judge.


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