The Dumbest Woman on the Net – Openly admits to LOVING to feed her child GMO’s at McDonalds, Takes Pictures of Memorable Moment

This WOMAN is Bad News – Effects of Fluoride and GMO’s Affecting her brain.

(pictures from blog author, used under Fair Use law for news)

And for the record everyone, dont post pictures of your child on the Net.  God help people that do.

Her blog is 1000 Reasons I’m a Bad – This lady can rot somewhere if you know what I mean.


I know you believe I only feed my son giant cauliflowers, but the truth is sadly very very different. Although I do my honest-to-god best effort to feed him well and truly, every now and then I give him pure, unadulterated poison, and he never fails to ask for more.

Feeding a child is a minefield, and mine has been no exception.

First there were the breastfeeding nazis (we’ll get there in another post, I promise) who were gonna kill me until I was dead if I gave C anything other than boob juice for the first 3/6/9/6000 months. Little Britain, anyone?

Then the young’un sprouted some teeth and the vet pediatrician (dammit!) went all “no egg, no fish, no citrus” on my ass and I had to throw away all the ceviche I had lovingly made for his first solid meal.

I am a born masochist, so of course I went and read stuff in The Internets, which promptly added “no salt, no sugar, no milk, no nuts, no fruit of this kind/that kind/any kind, no jalapeño peppers, no candy bars, no beef jerky.” Killjoys. I bet beef jerky is the ultimate teething aid.

Someone gave me a looovely baby cookbook with recipes for baby mash that ended with instructions like “sprinkle some chopped mint on top before serving” or “drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil.” Damn, I don’t eat that well myself anymore!

And so, between one thing and the other, I’ve been feeding C the best I can. In the morning he gets porridge and fruit, and for lunch and dinner he has homemade baby food (note that I said homemade, not mommy-made. My day has only so many hours.) Along the day he snacks on the occasional plain cookie and he drinks his way through a sick number of bottles of formula.

No sugar. No salt. No nuts.

No habanero chiles.

And yet…

And yet…

[Pictures were late because we had been invited to a Mc D birthday this past Sunday and OH YES I DID LET HIM EAT FRIES. Come get me, boob nazis, I don’t fear you!!]

Note: I am using the term “nazi” in its popular connotation of “dogmatically intolerant and willing to gas you at the slightest provocation.” Be it known that I lived in Germany, I speak German, I loveGermans, and this lovely country and its people should in no way be associated to breastfeeding fanatics. So there.





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