Julie cures acne, depression and chubbiness,with high fruit raw vegan diet.

When I was younger, I was an active child. I was slim and athletic and enjoyed lots of different sports and activities. I biked, took swimming lessons, did Jiu-Jitsu, cheerleading, I played competitive soccer and games with friends. I was a happy kid.

Then puberty struck! I began to struggle with my skin.

This was me (below) during a trip to Europe. I still believed in exercise, but my diet was keeping me from having a balanced body. I started to take medication to help with my situation.

I used topical creams, antibiotics and eventually turned to Accutane (something I would never recommend to anyone!!).

My skin was my worst nightmare!

It depressed me constantly as I could never forget that it was there. The more stringent I was about the medication, the worse it got! I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong.

I thought I had a good diet as I began to cut out more and more processed foods and ate fruit and vegetables as well as drinking my 8 glasses of water a day (now I know that it was just to dilute all the other toxins in my system).

My mood suffered as well. I was often depressed and moody. I struggled to stay in a balanced state of mind and I shut myself up from the world at times. My friendships suffered as my confidence dwindled.

When I got to University, my acne was somewhat in “control” by the harsh medication, make-up and regular visits to an aesthetician. Still not great, but tolerable.

However my weight was beginning to climb.

I was never very overweight since I did a lot of fitness training at the gym and was taking Physical Education in school, but I had to cut back on calories to maintain a “stable” weight.

After University is when I first discovered raw food.

I had hit a low in my life where I had been feeling quite depressed and was beginning to have anxiety attacks during my last year of school.

I barely passed but managed to get through it. But I knew something had to change.

That is when I read a book called Nature’s First Law which talked about balancing fruit with greens and fats, in proportion to their dry weight.

I began a somewhat 80/10/10 diet eating lots of fruit and salads.

Right away I found my skin looked better and I could tan for the first time ever!

I lost some weight, likely water and felt lighter and happy again! I knew something was working.

Luckily I discovered Dr. Douglas Graham’s 80/10/10 Diet book early on in my journey to health.

I was already enjoying lots of fruit and some greens and fats, but this book told me how to do it right, in the correct proportions.

Although I have done a lot of experimenting during these last two years with different ways of eating and training, I always come back to the advice of Dr. Graham because it works!

I have learned the importance of ensuring you are eating sufficient calories for your metabolic needs!

I have also been enlightened by the importance of exercise – it all works in a synchronistic way, you cannot have good health if you are lacking in any one area.

As the doc says: “your health is only as good as your weakest link.”

My newest feat is weight training and sprinting. I am loving it!

I am beginning to understand the importance of strong muscles and a good cardiovascular system.

Muscles keep the body looking toned and allow you to do more when you do other exercises.

They also keep all your jiggly bits in place! After a bout of neglecting to train my muscles adequately I am getting back into it.

I want to have nice abs 🙂

I would highly advise anyone struggling with skin problems to try the 80/10/10 diet or some version of it before they try any medication.

I would also suggest to anyone having issues with their weight to switch to a fruit-based diet with sufficient calories as well as incorporate weights into their workout routine.

These things are crucial and highly beneficial.

It might seem like a lot of work but when you have the energy to do things, you want to do them. I look forward to my workouts and sometimes wish I could do more!

Another side-effect for me was becoming a happier person when my health improved.

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, diet and exercise can change that. You just need the right program and to stop fighting your body. Give it what it is asking for and you will reap the rewards.

Thanks for reading my story and the best of luck in your journey in health ☺


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