Government ‘gave money to child sex ring in 70s’: Home Office has ordered an investigation into shocking allegations

‘The head of the Home Office has ordered an investigation into shocking allegations that the Government gave tens of thousands of pounds to a notorious paedophile group.

Civil servants are trawling through decades’ worth of files to look for any evidence that the Home Office once funded the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which openly campaigned to legalise child sex.

The extraordinary move has been triggered by Permanent Secretary Mark Sedwill following claims by an ‘insider’ that the Voluntary Services Unit (VSU), which gave annual grants totalling thousands of pounds to charities, had provided financial assistance to the network of abusers.’

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Did the British Government fund pro-paedophile propaganda?

‘Tom Watson recently revealed that the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), a group that wanted the age of consent lowered to 4 years old, were directly funded by the Home Office. (The Mirror 21/11/13)

PIE published propaganda material seeking to ‘normalise’ sex with children, and placed it in locations including public libraries and the Citizens Advice Bureau. (Daily Express 03/09/83)

The booklet shown below, ‘Paedophilia: Some Questions and Answers’ was published by PIE in 1978 and may have been paid for by the British Government. It peddles a huge number of lies about child sexual abuse starting on the very first page…“paedophiles are often a force for social good”.’

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‘A former Tory cabinet minister is to be questioned by detectives after a video filmed at an underage sex party was seized by police.

The video, along with a number of photographs, allegedly places the ex-MP, a household name, at a depraved orgy organised by a paedophile.

The photographs were seized from a known child sex offender earlier this year and the video is believed to have come from another source.

The veteran Tory, who we cannot name for legal reasons, is understood to deny any wrongdoing. But an alleged victim, who claims to have been at the event three decades ago, has come forward.’

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‘The paedophile-infested Establishment and its servile media sought to hold the line at Savile’s own abuse of young girls with a few other people in the entertainment industry thrown in, most notably two convicted paedophiles and friends of Savile, former ‘pop stars’, Gary Glitter and Jonathan King.

But I have known about Savile since the 1990s when a royal insider and others told me about his paedophilia and necrophilia (sex with dead bodies); his liking for sex with little boys; his extremely close relationship with the royal family; and how he procured children for the rich and famous, including the royals and top politicians. In other words, the scandal is far bigger than the public is being told – absolutely fantastic, in fact, in its scale and depth.

I knew that Savile supplied former Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath with young boys – I have been exposing Heath since 1998 (seven years before he died) as a paedophile, Satanist and mass child killer for most of his adult life. SeeThe Biggest Secret and other books of mine.’

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