Bachman to Obama: “You Are Not a King!”

“You’re not a king, you’re not a dictator, you can’t do whatever you want!”

That was the message that Michelle Bachman had for President Obama. In her appearance on Fox, Bachman stated that Obama cannot simply delay laws without Congressional action. She stated,

“You can’t unilaterally make this decision, Congress is part of the government.”

Bachman’s comments were made on an  interview on Fox. Earlier, Bachman appeared on Fox in anticipation of Jonathan Turley’s testimony on Presidential powers. Those hearings were covered on Free Patriot earlier this week. Turley, a long time supporter of Barack Obama came out with a clear statement that the President had violated his oath of office in
his implementation of Obama Care. For Turley, the issue is the violation of the “Take Care” and “Faithfully Execute” and his lack of attention to the areas he is constitutionally bound, as well as his use of powers outside his bounds.

In essence, Barack Obama is trying to act like a dictator and doing whatever he wants without regard for the rule of law.

For Bachman, the overriding issue is that the President has operated in the legislative realm of the constitution. At issue is not just Article 2, but also Article 1 of the Constitution.

Earlier in the fall, Bachman was on Rusty Humphries show. Her concern is that impeachment is not a small matter. However, her fear is that if the Congress does not impeach Obama, the people may rise up and throw him out of office.


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