Inspiring – Neuroblastoma, Stage 4 , Couple Cures Son whole organic foods, organic juices, and natural supplements

On December 10th, 1992, my son Drew was diagnosed with a stage 4 Neuroblastoma. He was only 18 months old at the time and the cancer was spread throughout his small body. He had a grapefruit-sized tumor with finger-like tentacles that were attached to his kidneys, liver, pancreas and spine, as well as throughout his mesenteric artery, and in his bone marrow.

He was immediately started on the grueling treatments of intensive chemotherapy and radiation, and then he experienced multiple unsuccessful surgeries to remove the mass. After a year and a half of witnessing my son go through these torturous treatments we were given the devastating news that the hospital was releasing Drew.  There was nothing more that could be done for him.

We begged God to help us find a way to heal Drew, and our prayers were answered within his final days.  Late one evening, a woman I knew from church appeared at my doorstep holding a book titled  ‘Prescription for Nutritional Healing.’  The book detailed how to build up the body’s immune system in order to heal from diseases.

I flipped open the book and it came right to the section on cancer, and I knew then that we had finally found the answer to our prayers.  I read the book and learned that by feeding Drew a diet of whole organic foods, organic juices, and natural supplements we could turbo-boost his immune system so that HIS body could begin to fight the cancer on its own.

It was a struggle, but we did manage to convince our oncologist to place a feeding tube into Drew’s abdomen so that we could feed him the fresh organic juices along with the ground-up supplements.  By doing it this way, we could bypass the ‘battle’ of trying to get a 3 year old to eat the large volume of organic juices and supplements that were needed in order to build up his immune system.

We juiced organic carrots and apples throughout the day and we used a coffee grinder to grind up the various supplements that he would be taking.  We then dissolved the ground supplements into the juice and we pumped this mixture into his feeding tube. This procedure was done multiple times throughout the day so we were continually making fresh juices and dissolving the supplements and pumping this into the feeding tube.  He also drank the same freshly-made carrot and apple juice throughout the day in his bottle. The cost of his new treatment plan was approximately $400 a month which covered the cost of the supplements and the additional foods that were needed.  Thankfully we had many people who donated money to help with the added expenses.

Upon starting the diet, Drew began to have several very large bowel movements throughout the day that smelled very strong.  We knew that his system was beginning to clean out all of the toxic food and treatments that he had experienced throughout his short life.  Three months later, we returned to the hospital for a check-up, and the doctors were amazed to see that he was gaining weight and that his hair was beginning to grow back.  Even more surprising for them was that his blood tests confirmed that his cancerous cells were decreasing.  Six months later there were no cancerous cells detectable in his blood or urine, and his doctors proclaimed that the tumor appeared to be dormant.

Drew was healed within 6 months of starting his intensive nutrition treatments!! His doctors were astounded! His healthy cells had attacked the tumor, destroying the finger-like cancerous tentacles and forcing the tumorous mass to encase itself in a protein barrier, forever imprisoned and dying.

When I first read the book on natural healing my heart and mind had total belief that we could heal Drew because it made so much sense to me to build up the immune system instead of trying to destroy it. The energy in our household  immediately changed from being one of despair and preparing for the death of my child to one of love, life and inspiration.  Today, I have a much deeper understanding of the power of our thoughts and the power of our feelings, and I am even more convinced that what healed Drew was the positive thoughts and a strong belief in what we were doing, coupled with the power of using whole organic foods and natural supplements.

Drew is a young man now, he recently turned 21.  He is an astounding artist, a keen photographer and a budding filmmaker.  Anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing Drew, knows that their life has been impacted in a very special and positive way.

Shared by Leanne Woodland  5/29/2013

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