Brain Cancer Healed with a Raw Vegan Diet (Megan Sherow)

In the summer of 2009, at the young age of 13, Megan Sherow began experiencing double vision.  Her mother took her to an ophthalmologist believing that Megan might need glasses but instead he found that her optic nerve was inflamed.  He requested that she go immediately to have a CAT scan which revealed additional  inflammation in her brain.   She was then transported by ambulance to another hospital for an emergency MRI which revealed a plum size brain tumor.

She was given steroids to reduce the inflammation, and then met with a surgeon who felt that the tumor could be removed with clean margins.  Following the surgery a second MRI revealed that a portion of the tumor was left behind.  Six days later a second more aggressive surgery was performed, but once again a cherry-sized tumor remained.

Stage 3 Glioneuronal was the diagnosis, which is a rare form of cancer made up of glio and neuronal cells that does not have a specific protocol for doctors to follow as far as treatment goes.    Megan consulted with 3 different specialists at 3 different hospitals, including St Jude’s in Tennessee which took Megan as a patient because she had such a rare cancer.   All three specialists recommended three different treatment protocols that included either aggressive chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, with one even suggesting that she was terminal.  St Jude’s suggested that Megan have a third surgery which was scheduled for 9/11/2009, but when the time for surgery came, Megan refused to have it on this ominous date so it was postponed for an additional 3 months.

Megan says that she grew up eating the standard American diet which included eating a lot of fast and processed foods, she also describes herself as “a meat-eating machine.”   Megan’s mother used these three months to make some changes to her diet because she believed that Megan’s tumor was a result of her eating habits and lifestyle and felt that she needed to build up her immune system.   She removed the toxins that Megan was exposed to in regards to chemicals in her personal care products, she also made sure that she had daily sun exposure, had less stress in her life, and that she got daily exercise.   She then eliminated sugar and dairy from Megan’s diet because they are inflammatory to the body, but she says that Megan was still eating a lot of meat.  When she called St Jude’s 3 months later, it was found that the tumor had slowed in its growth and the doctors felt that the surgery could wait and that she could go back to her local hospital in Pennsylvania for continued monitoring.

Megan’s mother reports that she also began to suffer from her own illness due to the stress of trying to help Megan.  In order to address her symptoms she decided to begin eating a raw vegan diet and within a few weeks she says that her symptoms cleared up entirely.  In August of 2010, she decided to take Megan to a raw foods cafe called Arnold’s Way that was located in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, where Megan met with the owner, Arnold Kauffman, who told her that if she switched to eating a raw vegan diet she might be able to heal from the brain tumor. He then taught her about the power of using a raw foods diet for healing diseases naturally.

Megan read Arnold’s book titled ‘The Way of Arnold,’ which she said was filled with nutritional facts and testimonials from those who had used the raw vegan diet to heal from illness.  She also read ‘The China Study’ which convinced her that she had to change her ways.

Megan says that she was literally able to change her diet overnight, but then spent the first few months “binging on kale chips that were smothered in a cheese-flavored coating.”  After awhile she was able to control her cravings and she soon found that she felt better than she has ever felt before.

It took about 3 months of eating a very strict vegan diet for the tumor to disappear entirely, and she has continued to live on her specialized  diet for several years since.   She is just shy of turning 18, and says that she is proud to be a raw vegan. On a personal note, she has an associate’s degree in theater and loves to sing and dance.

Megan’s Diet:

The strict diet that Megan started eating contained lots of seeds and nuts and within 3 months her cancer was cleared. She reports that she continued to be troubled by migraines, so she went back to Arnold and he told her to stop eating the nuts and seeds because they were too high in fat.  She now eats about 2 pounds of fruits and vegetables everyday and says that she is full of energy and doing great with this very restrictive diet.

For Breakfast – she typically eats a banana whips made with frozen bananas, mangoes and strawberries…..see the video below on how to make a banana whip.

For lunch- kale chips, raw crackers and another banana fruit whip

For Dinner- she eats 3-6 heads of romaine lettuce.  She likes to eat the lettuce plain and just rolls up the leaves burrito-style.

For snacks – she likes to eat dates and “lots of bananas.”

A raw vegan diet is a very versatile and varied diet which has fruits and vegetables at its core.  Megan chose to eat a very basic diet,  but don’t be misled, there are many cookbooks available to help guide you in making satisfying meals.  See the raw food pyramid below for more food ideas.

A raw diet is alkaline, read more about acid/ alkaline balance

How to make a smoothie

Read how Josie Nunez healed brain cancer with an alkaline diet

A raw diet is rich in enzymes, read more about enzymes


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