Life After Gerson: My First Year Free of Lyme Disease

Editor’s note: Last year, James wrote of his ongoing recovery from Lyme disease for our newsletter, the Healing News. A few months ago, we re-published his article on our blog: The Real Me is Returning | Lyme Disease & the Gerson Therapy. His blog post was very popular, so James offered to give us a little update on his state of health. He finished the Gerson Therapy one year ago, and no longer experiences any symptoms of Lyme disease. – Ally

March of 2013 is my one-year anniversary of completing the Gerson Therapy for Lyme disease. And I have to report, so far, so good!

My body has remained symptom-free and I have adjusted to what I call the “new normal.”

I am now symptom-free, even with the life stress of leaving my close network of friends in San Diego, California to move to Durango, Colorado. Decisions like this were once impossible for me to make because of how Lyme affected my cognitive function, but now come with no fear or anxiety thanks to my “new normal.”

After completing the Gerson Therapy, I stopped taking four coffee enemas daily, the hourly juicing and the twice-daily Hippocrates soup. I do however, still juice a couple times a week and supplement with a probiotic, Lugol’s solution, potassium, and B vitamins. Today, my diet remains a plant-based diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains and I have no desire to go back to eating animal proteins like dairy, meat or eggs.

I also avoid eating salt or sugar or gluten, as I now fully understand now each of these common components of the typical diet affects the human body and how they can affect my new normal.

So when I look back at my Gerson experience, I often wonder, how much of my health struggles were caused by the Lyme disease, and how much was caused by everyday exposure to toxins like mercury, fluoride, aspartame and all the other chemicals I was unknowingly putting in my body? The Gerson Therapy removed these poisons from my body, and restored my immune system’s ability to rid my body of the Lyme bacterial infection.

As a member of the Gerson Institute’s Recovered Patients Network, I have talked to many other very sick people. The general feedback I receive from these people struggling with the decision to begin the Gerson Therapy often sounds like this:

“Oh, I can’t do this program because the diet’s too hard.”

Or, sometimes:
“…it’s the enema thing.”


“I just don’t have the time.”

But then I ask them what the alternative is. And then I ask, if what they’re doing is working out so well for them, then why are they looking into the Therapy and calling me in the first place?

The bottom line is: there are many treatments out there that promise to stop or ameliorate your symptoms. But once the treatments and medications have either drained your wallet or you stop for some other reason, the patient goes right back to experiencing the full brunt of their Lyme symptoms (as I know all too well from my own experience).

What keeps many Lyme sufferers from making the decision to restore their life and health is often because they are handicapped by what I call “Lyme brain,” a feeling I remember all too well myself. The Gerson Therapy is very challenging, and the closer you follow the program, the faster you will heal. But don’t let that stop you from trying, even if you just start making changes one at a time…

People, you can do more than you think you can. But you just have to try!



Read More of James’ Recovery Story:

“The Real Me is Returning” | Lyme Disease & the Gerson Therapy


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