How I’m Conquering Prostate Cancer with GERSON THERAPY

During a routine exam in 2007, the doctor found a nodule on my prostate. I got a biopsy and they found cancer on half of my prostate. They wanted to remove or radiate it but they couldn’t guarantee that I would be cancer free.

Afterwards, I spoke to my friend Allison. She told me about how she did the Gerson Therapy 25 years ago. When she described the rigorousness of the Therapy, I didn’t think I could do it. So I bought books on healing from cancer, fasted, changed my diet and took supplements. I also did cryotherapy, a treatment in which they froze the half of my prostate that had cancer in order to kill the cancerous cells. It took me a year to recover.

The doctors told me to just continue living as if nothing had happened.

Four years later…

In 2011, I got another biopsy and they found cancer on the other side of my prostate. They said they would not be able to do surgery due to the scar tissue, but that they needed to do radiation.

The side effects they described were horrible. My doctors told me I would be incontinent and need to wear diapers for the rest of my life, and that there was a good chance that I would develop intestinal cancer in five years.

I decided not to pursue that route.

I contacted my friend Allison again and asked “what are the chances the Gerson Therapy would help me?” She said that she guaranteed it could help, and she had full confidence I would get well.

Around the same time, my 20 year old daughter had married a 24 year old man. Soon after, he discovered that he had stage IV melanoma. At MD Anderson, he was told that his only option was an experimental treatment. Days later, he died from a heart attack in the hospital from the experimental injections.

This tragic event clinched my decision to pursue the Gerson Therapy.

My daughter bought Healing the Gerson Way and that book soon became like a bible to me.

In March 2011 I started doing enemas, borrowed a Champion juicer and did as much of the Therapy as I could. In July of 2011 I went to the Gerson clinic in Mexico.

I started out doing the full Therapy: 5 enemas, 13 juices, 3 organic meals a day and castor oil every other day. I experienced some healing reactions, including severe depression, mood swings and self-pity but it passed. My body also released toxins through blemishes breaking out on my face and chest, and swelling and knots in my left breast. I used clay packs for a month and it went away.

Every time I have a healing reaction, I celebrate. I went through self-doubt. I realized I was making a life and death decision. But a year later I know I made the right decision.

It seems ludicrous now to do chemotherapy or radiation.

I am now doing 3 enemas, 9 juices, castor oil every Sunday, and have been able to add a few additional things to my diet as instructed by my Gerson doctor. I love the food! I hired a woman who used to be a cook at Whole Foods. She does the shopping, makes juices, lunch and dinner, and cleans and prepares all of the produce. I am self-employed as a jewelry designer.

My daily routine

I take my first coffee break, then take a shower. Then I eat breakfast, make and immediately drink a green juice, then make two carrot juices.

I go to work and come home for lunch at 1 pm, do another coffee break and drink 2 green juices. At 3 pm, my helper delivers three juices. After dinner I have another green juice and do my last coffee break.

I couldn’t have done the Therapy without…

My wife, who has provided me with emotional and mental support. She was my caregiver at the Gerson clinic. She has also kept me on point, making sure I do my juicing and setting the timers. She also inventories and orders all my supplements and puts them into weekly containers.

The Gerson experience requires two people. A partner is very important to this process. She has also adopted the Gerson lifestyle and eats Gerson foods 90% of the time. She loves it now too.

Luckily, my family practitioner also supports and believes in what I do, and I also go to a chiropractor who does energy healing. I keep in regular contact with my Gerson doctor from the clinic.

The challenge is traveling or any event, even going on a day trip. I have to prepare and take all my food with me. I make cole slaw, potato salad and carrot/apple juices in advance. I do my enemas in a hotel. I take along a hot plate and toaster oven since it is hard to find places with ovens. I also take a Champion juicer with me.

How I feel, one year into the Gerson Therapy

I weighed 220 pounds when I started the Therapy, now I am down to 168 pounds. My weight is stable; I have never experienced this sort of weight consistency in my life. I feel really good right now.

I have been on the Therapy for 15 months. My PSA is still under 1. In another year I will get a PET scan and maybe an MRI. But I am not worried about it right now. You either trust the Therapy or you don’t. A lot of this has to do with faith and commitment.

All my children and my wife are very supportive. My brothers were skeptical at first, but now both of them are juicers. I lead by example for others. People around me are starting to take notice and are buying juicers.

One time, a new neighbor invited us over for cocktails. I explained to her that I had to decline since I am battling cancer. She said she couldn’t believe that I was sick. She thought I was the healthiest man she had ever seen!

Thinking About Life After Gerson

I intend to stay on this diet the rest of my life. I am 100% sold on it one year in. It has become a life journey. I didn’t realize my life would change so much. The cancer is sort of secondary; changing your life is what it is truly all about. It is about healing my whole body, which will give me 10 or 15 more years of life. I think of it as an AA program for your health. Once you get into it you can never go back.

This is a gift from God. I just wish more people knew about it.

This is definitely the right way to conquer cancer.

by William Holman (as told to Diane Ake)


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