Amazing Story of Healing Asthma with Superfood & Raw Food Diet.

Dear Friends,

I haven’t been on Curezone in a long, long time, but I feel compelled to offer this amazing story of healing asthma with Superfood & a raw food diet. I hope y’all will pass this story along to your asthmatic friends.

My best friend Linda is 53 & has had severe asthma since she was a 12 year old girl. She personally believes the onset was triggered by the divorce of her parents. Her dad was alcoholic and abusive. Her dad died 3 years ago, and she thinks maybe she was finally able to lay that part of her life to rest and move on. That’s just theory, but I offer it as a heads up to those of you who might be trying to help people with asthma.

Linda’s motivation for change came when she hit 300 lbs. on the scale. She also had alarmingly high blood pressure and a mysterious skin rash/hives all over her body which was driving her batty with sleepless nights, depression, lethargy, etc. Plus she just couldn’t breathe. Her pulmonary specialist measured her breathing capacity at under 25%.

Linda was on an emergency rescue inhaler, another inhaler, and steroids. She saw a commercial for the rescue inhaler (Advair, I think…) and saw that patients were only supposed to be on it for 6 months. She had been on it for 6 years! So she thought maybe some of her symptoms were a toxicity buildup from long term use of the drugs. Sure enough, she had practically every symptom of drug overdose.

Linda was motivated. She bought Kevin Trudeau ‘s Natural Healing book and read every word. She got extremely frustrated because there was sooooo much information. She was overwhelmed, and called me late one night to unravel the mysteries of natural healing and naturopathic medicine. That phone conversation lasted four hours.

Linda knew herself and knew she could not do the Incurables Program that I did. She needed to start slower. She knew she needed to cleanse her body, but she needed to do it in baby steps or she would quit. She decided to start with just eating raw, living food.

I told her about Shazzie, David Wolfe, and Alissa Cohen, big names in the raw food movement. I let her borrow my copy of Alissa Cohen’s “Living on Live Food,” my personal favorite book on raw food living. As Linda began reading, she would ask me questions about green foods, wheat grass, distilling water, and other things.

She asked me all about cleansing, and I told her the biggst, baddest expert on herbal cleansing was Dr. Richard Schulze . She went to his website, learned a bunch, and decided just to start with his foundational program of raw food, pure water, Superfood, and Intestinal Formula #1 & 2. At the last minute, she decided she wasn’t ready for a Colon Cleanse yet. She just wanted her body to get used to the fact that it wasn’t going to get sugar, Dr. Peppers, and a bunch of dead junk food any more. She just wanted to see what her body would do with live food, pure water, and a supplement of 2 tablespoons of Superfood in the smoothie Dr. Schulze recommends on his website.

My married daughter decided to do the diet with Linda. Linda is her mother-in-law. Brenda wanted to lose her baby fat after the birth of my granddaughter, plus she wanted help with her acne issues. They decided to go completely raw for 30 days. They followed Cohen’s directions and recipes, and “uncooked” a lot of food for the week.

We are all happy that there is a fairly large organic/health food section in our grocery store now, where there wasn’t anything when I did the IP three years ago. So it was pretty easy to get all the stuff. The Superfood shipped rapidly, so within a few days, Linda and Brenda got going.

The first two days were OK. Linda thought the recipes were pretty good, but made way too much food. She was surprised at how fast she got full. She made a fettaccini recipe that called for a lot of garlic. She said she ate about 2 bites of that and started to feel really sick. The next day she purged a bunch of stuff- intestinal, runny nose, just felt awful. She figured she was detoxing, but she didn’t go back to the raw garlic again.

She really didn’t feel hungry on day 4, so she just grazed. She was amazed to find out that an apple satisfied her. She only ate a bout 6 raw almonds and a couple of dates and she would be full. She nibbled on a couple of lettuce leaves.

Then on day 5, she had a massive energy surge. She walked the mile up her country road and back, and didn’t get winded. She realized she had not needed her inhaler that day, and she had only used it twice the day before. She cleaned her house from top to bottom over the next couple of days, and didn’t use her rescue inhaler once.

She called me after about 10 days. I could hear a change in her voice and a strength in her spirit I had never heard before. She had lost 12 pounds already. When I saw her in person a few days later, her eyes were bluer and they sparkled. She smiled and laughed more. She spent an entire day shopping without getting tired. She showed me her rash- it was healing.

By the end of the 30 days she had lost 20 pounds. She was tired of eating salads all of the time, and was ready to break the all raw diet. She didn’t trust herself, so Brenda hung in there with her. They went to a Mexican food restaurant with the family. The only thing they could eat that was raw was the quacamole, so they ordered that with chips. Just eating the chips satified the craving for “not raw.” It encouraged Linda to know that she could really do this.

After that, Linda started listening to her body. She became an expert with the Superfood green drinks. She re-organized her kitchen and bought a dehydrator. She branched out from totally raw, but still bought everything organic and vegan. She added soy milk, dried fruits, and Ezekiel bread products. One night she came over and we ordered Chinese take-out. We just ate the mixed vegetables while ohers had meat dishes. By having cooked vegan dishes every once in awhile, Linda was happy to stay mostly raw.

Last weekend, I stayed at Linda’s. She had more energy than I did. She was dancing all weekend long, singing, cooking for us, stayed up till dawn each night, slept only till noon, and hit the floor running. She hasn’t used her rescue inhaler at all in over a month. She has reduced her dosage of her other meds, and plans to get completely off of them. Her skin rash has almost completely healed. Her blood pressure has come down to normal levels. The only pain she feels now is an arthritic hip, and she has started seeing a massage therapist for that… which she swears by.

Linda now knows that her body will be 98% healed in a year, totally healed in 2 years. She wants to explore other nutritional supplements and when she feels ready, will start the Schulze cleanses. She hugs me and thanks me every time I see her. I just had to pass on that love and gratefulness to Bob and Owen and all those who have helped me.



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