Woman and Dog Cured Cancer from The Gerson Therapy

The Gerson Diet is credited with curing many people from terminal diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, ulcers, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, mental disease, kidney disease, Multiple Sclerosis.

Personal Testimony Story By Elle

We watched a personal friend go into remission from terminal cancer when he switched to the Gerson Diet. We also watched our friend’s German Shepherd recover from cancer when she was put on a slightly revised regimen. I personally watched my health drastically change for the better through the years while using this diet.

The truth is, this diet once saved my life when the medical community could find no cure and said my case was hopeless.

Over the years, I’ve seen what seems like a million cures, a million products, a million protocols and healing modalities. And it seems as though I’ve made a stab at them all in some form or another.

Actually, I experimented with quite a few having been sickly since birth it seems…

A number of these cures have worked to one small degree or another, but then, my illnesses would quickly return.

So – which to use consistently? It came down to several things – which was the easiest andleast expensive.

There was only one that worked unfailingly. This was the Gerson raw food diet.

But there were a few other important contributions to healing:

1. Having friends care and pray for you.
2. Having positive energy from friends and loved ones around you, giving back same. I am finding that the support is vital.
3. Eating raw organic fruits, veggies.
4. Blending up Romaine Smoosh with Apples and a carrot or two with fresh natural apple juice and natural alkaline mineral water. (I believe this is good when mildly ill, not seriously ill, which requires juicing)

BUT – IMPORTANTLY – for the best healing, I have found that it is IMPERATIVE to use fresh raw juices from a true juicer rather than blender or other device. (See important update note below)

[UPDATE NOTE: Some people do receive benefit when using a blender. The fruit and vegetables are blended quickly and the juice is pressed using a pressing device, either squeezed from a cheesecloth wrap or bag, or through a sieve. There is hope even when funds are limited and one cannot afford expensive equipment at first.

Our greatest success occurred with the Champion juicer. We have also used the Omega single auger juicer and the Green-life Green-star twin-gear juicer. All juicers are excellent. Charlotte Gerson recommends the Norwalk juicer which is very expensive. However, she also recommends the Champion juicer if the pulp is simply ground and then cloth-squeezed using a separate vegetable press. Many people have succeeded using a number of various juicers, but if at all possible, following Charlotte’s advice as closely as possible is likely to be most beneficial.

Re: the Champion Juicer
The Champion Juicer tears the vegetable matter with grated teeth, opening the cell walls causing juice and valuable pulp-like factors to be released. What we found particularly valuable was one of the larger Champion screens that allowed the vital pectin and rich material to be expressed into the juice.

Many of the other juicers seem to use a fine screen only. We found this juice to be less rich. Although we have the Omega and Greenlife juicers as well, we are considering also getting another Champion simply because of the thicker screen. The Champion also comes with a fine screen. We have not used the vegetable press, as it is quite costly.

Dr. Gerson was adamant about the importance of using pure, raw, organic expressed juice rather than blended beverages, smoothies or “smooshed” type drinks.

Again, a number of people have told us that quickly blending using the Blendtec, Vitamix or Oster blenders have been very helpful. The more quickly one blends, the less negative effect the blending will have on the resultant drink. The faster blenders can pulp vegetables within 15-30 seconds.

The reason blending is usually contraindicated is because blending blade rotation creates an electro-magnetic energy field that can inhibit enzyme activity (more about this, below). Long blending may be more destructive than short blending. We recommend always blending for the shortest period possible, while still getting a fine pulp.

Blending the Gerson recipes usually requires the addition of liquid such as water. According to Dr. Gerson, water need not be taken due to the large quantities of juice required. Again, Dr. Gerson dealt with the most grievously sick cancer cases; cases which often, were absolutely considered hopeless beyond recourse. Again, a number of people have received huge benefit with blending.]

5. Blending a mixture of fresh, organic vegetables in a press or grinding juicer such as aNorwalk or Green juicer
6. The full Gerson Diet – Please refer to the Gerson A Cancer Therapy – Results of 50 Cases (Amazon)


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