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Bought from Red Clover Market in Weston, WI GO THERE !

Bought from Red Clover Market in Weston, WI GO THERE !


Name Occupation Country Source
Scott Adams Author and creator of the Dilbert comic strip United States [1]
Sharon den Adel Singer-songwriterfashion designer Netherlands [2]
Shmuel Yosef Agnon Nobel Prize laureate writer and was one of the central figures of modern Hebrew fiction Israel [3](pp171–172)
Dianna Agron Actress, singer, dancer United States [4][5]
eden ahbez Songwriter, recording artist United States [6](p171)[7][8]
Damon Albarn Musician, record producer, composer United Kingdom [9]
William Andrus Alcott Educator, physician, author United States [6](pp34–44)[10]
Quinn Allman Musicianproducer United States [11]
Lauren Anderson Model United States [12]
Apollonius of Tyana Neopythagorean philosopher Greece [13](pp30–35)
Christina Applegate Actress United States [14][15]
Johnny Appleseed Pioneer, missionary and gardener United States [6](pp6–7)[16][17](pp184–186,307–310)
Joan Armatrading Singer-songwriter United Kingdom [18]
Nadja Auermann Model and actress Germany [19][20]
Thaila Ayala Actressmodel Brazil [21]
Amitabh Bachchan Actor, producer, singer, television presenter India [22]
Bae Jong-ok Actress South Korea [23]
Nic Balthazar Film director, television and radio presenter Belgium [24]
The Giving Tree Band Indie folk-rock group United States [25]
Arnaldo Baptista Singer-songwritermusician Brazil [26]
Bob Barker Game show host United States [27]
Basil of Caesarea Bishop of Caesarea Mazaca in CappadociaAsia Minor(modern-day Turkey) Turkey [28](pp159–160)[29](p78)
Rabia Basri Muslim saint and Sufi mystic Iraq [30][31]
Jeff Beck Musiciansongwriteractor United Kingdom [32]
Conrad Beissel Religious leader Germany [6](p3)
Raja Bell Professional basketball player United States [33]
Lexi Belle Pornographic actress United States [34]
Hilary Benn Politician United Kingdom [35]
J. D. Beresford Novelists United Kingdom [36]
Elizabeth Berkley Actress United States [37]
Annie Besant British Theosophistwomen’s rights activistwriter andorator and supporter of Irish and Indian self-rule United Kingdom [38](pp99–107)
Traci Bingham Actress/Model United States [39]
Barry Black Minister[disambiguation needed], clergyman United States [40][41]
Pippa Black Actress Australia [42]
Kees Boeke Reformist educatorQuaker missionary and pacifist Netherlands [43](p240)
Michael Bolton Singer, songwriter United States [44]
Surya Bonaly Professional figure skater France [45]
Cory Booker United States Senator United States [46][47]
Bramwell Booth Chief of the Staff of The Salvation Army United Kingdom [48]
Paulo BorgesPortuguese article Professor, essayist, philosopher, poet, writer Portugal [49]
Magnus Børmark Member of the Norwegian band Gåte Norway [50]
Wouter Bos PoliticianManagement consultant Netherlands [nb 1]
Jacques Boyer Professional bicycle racer who, in 1981, was the first American to participate in the Tour de France United States [52]
Claudia de Breij Comedian, show host and radio disk jockey Netherlands [nb 2]
Eva Briegel Singer and member of the rock band Juli Germany [54]
Christie Brinkley Model, actress, designer United States [55]
Saint John de Brito Jesuit missionary and martyr Portugal [28](p198)[56](pp28–29, 203)[56](pp295–300)[56](pp350–358)
Peter Brock One of Australia’s best-known and most successfulmotor racing drivers Australia [57]
Luitzen E.J. Brouwer Mathematician and philosopher Netherlands [43](p236)
Chris Browne Comic strip artist and cartoonist who writes and draws the comic strip Hägar the Horrible United States [58]
Gautama Buddha Spiritual teacher on whose teachings Buddhism was founded Nepal [30][38](pp11–88)[59](pp21–23)[60](pp17–21)[61](pp50–57)[nb 3]
Kathalijne Buitenweg Politician Netherlands [62]
Enrique Bunbury Rock singer-songwriter Spain [63]
Peter Burwash Former tennis player, current tennis coach, television commentator, motivational speaker, writer Canada [64]
Kate Bush Musician, vocalist, songwriter, record producer United Kingdom [65]
Lauren Bush ModelDesigner, niece of former President George W. Bush United States [66][67][68][69]
Marco Fabio CalvoItalian article Philologist, friend of Raphael Italy [70]
Julia Carling Journalist and television presenter United Kingdom [71]
Edward Carpenter Poetanthologist, early gay activist and socialistphilosopher United Kingdom [60](pp79–80)[72](pp256–266,276)
Paul Carton Physician France [73]
Dan Castellaneta Voice actor, writer, actor, comedian, singer United States [74]
Saint Catherine of Siena Tertiary of the Dominican Order, and a Scholasticphilosopher and theologian Italy [28](pp167–168)[29](p89)
Cláudio CavalcantiPortuguese article Actor, director, producer, writer, translator, singer, broadcaster, politician Brazil [75]
Stephen Chan Chi Wan General manager of Television Broadcasts Limited, CEO of Commercial Radio Hong Kong Hong Kong [76]
Jacky Cheung Singer, actor, songwriter Hong Kong [77]
Sri Chinmoy Spiritual teacher, poet, artist, athlete India [78]
Michael Guy Chislett Musician, songwriter, Producer Australia [79]
Julie Christie Actress United Kingdom [80][81]
Saint John Chrysostom Early Church Father Turkey [29](p79)[72](p124)
Alexa Chung Television presentermodel and contributing editor atBritish Vogue United Kingdom [82]
Daniël de Clercq Socialist and activist Netherlands [83]
Sue Coe Artistillustrator United Kingdom [84]
J. M. Coetzee Novelist, essayist, literary critic, linguist, translator South Africa [85](pp63–65)[86]
Rabbi David Cohen Rabbitalmudistphilosopher, and kabbalist Israel [3](p172)[87]
She’ar Yashuv Cohen Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Haifa, Israel Israel [3](pp172–173)[87]
Sandra CóiasPortuguese article Actress, model Portugal [88]
John Coltrane Saxophonist, composer, bandleader United States [89]
Pedro Indíveri ColucciPortuguese article Doctor, one of the primary initiators of Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine in Portugal Portugal [90][91]
Pat Condell Writer, political commentator, comedian and atheistinternet personality United Kingdom [nb 4]
Confucius Teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher of the Spring and Autumn Period of Chinese history China [93][94]
Abbie Cornish Actress Australia [95]
António Gonçalves Correia Portuguese article Essayist, poet, humanist Portugal [96]
Hugo Brandt Corstius Author Netherlands [97]
Elvis Costello Musician, singer-songwriter, record producer United Kingdom [98]
Roger Crab Haberdasherherbal doctor and writer United Kingdom [99](pp26–38)
Ernest Howard Crosby Reformer and author United States [6](pp143–147)
Peter Cushing Actor United Kingdom [100]
Chuck D Rapperpublisherlectureractivistrecord producer United States [101][102]
Thomas D. Rapper in the German hip hop group Die Fantastischen Vier Germany [103]
Eugen d’Albert German pianist and composer Germany [nb 5]
Jeru the Damaja Rapper and recording artist United States [105]
Georg Friedrich Daumer Poet and philosopher Germany [106](pp282–286)
Morarji Desai Indian independence activist and the fourth Prime Minister of India from 1977–79 India [107]
Floortje Dessing Presenter, TV producerinterpreter Netherlands [108]
Peter Dinklage Actor United States [109]
Mike Dirnt Musiciansongwriter United States [110]
Eliza Doolittle Singer-songwriter United Kingdom [111][112][113]
David D’Or Musicianvocalistcomposer, songwriter Israel [114]
Pia Douwes Musical theatre actress Netherlands [53]
Muriel Dowding, Baroness Dowding Animal rights activist United Kingdom [115](pp137–151)
Anna Drijver Model, Actress Netherlands [116]
Michael Clarke Duncan Actorvoice actor United States [117]
Isadora Duncan Dancer, considered by many to be the creator ofmodern dance United States [118]
Frederik van Eeden Late 19th century and early 20th century Dutch writer and psychiatrist Netherlands [119]
Michael Eisner Businessman, former CEO of The Walt Disney Company United States [120]
Empedocles Pre-Socratic philosopher and a citizen of Agrigentum, a Greek city in Sicily Greece [13](pp30–32)[29](pp41–42)[72](pp64–66)
Selma Ergeç actress, beauty pageant titleholder, modeldesigner,philologistpsychologistdoctor Turkey [121]
Kevin Eubanks Musician United States [122]
Joshua Evans Quaker minister, journalist, and abolitionist United States [123](p40)[6](p7)
Henri W.PH.E. van den Bergh van Eysinga Revolutionary and a philosophical writer Netherlands [43](p228)
Corey Feldman Actor United States [124]
Adam Ferguson Scottish philosopher and historian of the Scottish Enlightenment United Kingdom [106](p208)[125](pp204–206)
Vanessa Ferlito Actress United States [126]
Carlos Dias FernandesPortuguese article Poet, novelist, short story writer, biographer, educator Brazil ,[127][128]
Ardisson FerreiraPortuguese article Physician, surgeon, writer, artist Portugal [129]
Marsilio Ficino One of the most influential humanist philosophers of the early Italian Renaissance Italy [130]
Doug Fieger Musiciansongwriter, member of New Wave rock quartet The Knack United States [131]
Viscount de FiganiérePortuguese article Diplomat, writer, historian, poet, philosopher Portugal [132]
Jon Fitch Mixed martial artist United States [133]
Jerome Flynn Actor United Kingdom [134]
Jonathan Safran Foer Novelist, short story writer United States [135]
Alina Foley Actress, daughter of Dave Foley United States [136]
Desmond Ford Evangelical Christian and an Australian theologian Australia [137][138]
Thomas Ignatius Maria Forster Astronomer and naturalist United Kingdom [99](pp374–375)
J. D. Fortune Musician Canada [139]
Jorja Fox Actress, musician, songwriter United States [140][141]
Sage Francis RapperSpoken word artist United States [142]
Saint Francis of Paola Mendicant friar and the founder of the Roman CatholicOrder of Minims Italy [28](p146)
Sadie Frost Actress United Kingdom [143]

Name Occupation Country Source
Gaahl Musician Norway [144]
Mohandas Gandhi Indian spiritual and political leader India [145](p.xii)[146]
Gao Yuanyuan Actress China [147]
Antoni Gaudí Catalan architect and figurehead of Catalan Modernism Spain [148]
John Gay Poet and dramatist and member of the Scriblerus Club United Kingdom [106](pp115–119)
Don Gerritsen United Nations Representative Netherlands [149]
Philip Glass Composer United States [150]
Bobcat Goldthwait Actorcomedianscreenwriterfilm directortelevision director United States [151]
Lewis Gompertz Inventor and a founding member of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals United Kingdom [152]
João Gordo Singer-songwritermusiciantalk show host Brazil [153]
Shlomo Goren Chief Rabbi of the Military Rabbinate of the IDF Israel [3](pp104,173–174)[87]
Dave Gorman Author, comedian United Kingdom [154]
Angela Gossow Singer-songwritermanagerjournalist Germany [155][156]
Lawrence Gowan Musiciansongwriter Canada [157][158][time needed]
Sylvester Graham Dietary reformer United States [6](pp15–70)[38](pp141–148)
Percy Grainger Composer, arranger and pianist Australia [159](pp78–79)
Dion Graus Politician and animal rights activist Netherlands [160]
Anthony the Great Christian saint from Egypt, a prominent leader among the Desert Fathers Egypt [28](pp22–23)[nb 6]
Ashoka the Great Emperor of the Maurya Dynasty India [13](pp75–77)[38](pp14–15)[59](pp22–23)[60](pp19–20)[61](pp55–57)
Dick Gregory Comediansocial activistsocial criticwriter, and entrepreneur United States [38](pp215–218)
Amanda Griffin Model, Television host Philippines [162]
Angela Groothuizen Singer, actress, television personality Netherlands [163]
Benjamin Grosvenor Musician United Kingdom [164]
Chin Chin Gutierrez Television and Film Actress, Philippines [165]
GZA Lyricistrappersongwriter United States [166]
Ha Okio Musician, singer-song writer, music producer, actor, social activist Vietnam [167]
Alexander Hacke Musicianrecord producer Germany [168]
Sarah Jane Hamilton Pornographic actress United Kingdom [169]
Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha’nish Founder of the religious movement known as Mazdaznan United States [170]
Neil Harbisson Catalan-raised, Northern Ireland-born artist, musician and performer United Kingdom [171]
George Harrison Musician, singer-songwriter, actor, record and film producer, member of the The Beatles United Kingdom [172]
Lenie ‘t Hart Animal rights activist Netherlands [173]
Maarten ‘t Hart Biologistauthor Netherlands [nb 7]
David Hartley Philosopher and founder of the Associationist school of psychology United Kingdom [175](pp207–209)[nb 8]
Maud HawinkelsDutch article Television presenter Netherlands [62]
John Hawkesworth Writer United Kingdom
Philippe HecquetFrench article Physician France [175](p177)
Sadeq Hedayat Writer of prose fiction and short stories Iran [177]
Martin van Hees Philosopher and professor of ethics at the University of Groningen Netherlands [178][179]
Marijke HelwegenDutch article Media personality Netherlands [62]
Antoinette HertsenbergDutch article Presenter, animal rights advocate Netherlands [nb 9]
Hesiod Oral poet Greece [181]
Missy Higgins Singer-songwritermusician Australia [182][183]
Saint Hilarion Anchorite Egypt [28](pp24–25)
Padre HimalayaPortuguese article Scientist, inventor Portugal [184]
Adolf Hitler Politician Germany [185][186][187][188][189][190][nb 10]
Isa Hoes Actressvoice actress Netherlands [108]
Amanda Holden Actress, presenter United Kingdom [191]
Jens Holm Politician Sweden [192]
Henriette Roland Holst Poet, political activist Netherlands [43](p230)
Fred Vasques HomemPortuguese article Physician, writer Portugal [193]
Horace Lyric poet Italy [30]
John Howard Philanthropist and the first English prison reformer United Kingdom [194]
Barbie Hsu ActressSingerHost Taiwan [76]
Henny Huisman Television presenter Netherlands [195]
Iamblichus Neoplatonist philosopher Syria [196]
Frank Iero Musician, member of My Chemical Romance United States [197]
Michael Imperioli Actor, television writer United States [198]
Ewout Irrgang Politiciananti-globalization activist Netherlands [199]
Ellen JabourPortuguese article Model, television presenter Portugal [200]
Susan Saint James Actressactivist United States [115](pp47–58)
Reid Jamieson Singer-songwritermulti-instrumentalist Canada [201]
Dolf Jansen Comedian Netherlands [195]
Froukje JansenDutch article Presenter, actress, gymnast Netherlands [nb 11]
JeA Singerdancer, member of Brown Eyed Girls South Korea [203][204][205]
Joan Jett Singer-songwriter, musician United States [206]
Éder Jofre Retired professional boxer and former Bantamweight andFeatherweight Champion Brazil [207]
Cisca JoldersmaDutch article Scientist, politician Netherlands [208]
Francisco van JoleDutch article Journalist, television presenter Netherlands [195]
Watkin Tudor Jones Musician South Africa [209]
Corien JonkerDutch article Politician Netherlands [210]
Ângelo JorgePortuguese article Writer Portugal [211]
Kabīr Weaverpoet India [13](pp47–49)
Alter Kacyzne Jewish (Yiddish) writer, poet, and photographer Lithuania [3](p171)
Franz Kafka Insurance officer, factory manager, novelist, short story writer Austria [212]
Eliezer KameneskyPortuguese article Poet, actor, musician, promoter of naturism Portugal [213]
Antonie Kamerling Actormusician Netherlands [214]
Helmut F. KaplanGerman article Authoranimal rights advocate Austria [215](pp220–222)[216]
Kareena Kapoor Actress India [217]
Shahid Kapoor ActorDancer India [218]
Charlotte KarlinderGerman article Television presenter Germany [219]
Bill Kaulitz & Tom Kaulitz SingerSongwritersActivistsGuitarist, members of Tokio Hotel Germany [220]
Matt Kean Musician, member of Bring Me the Horizon United Kingdom [221][222]
Henk KeilmanDutch article Entrepreneur, author, chairman of the board of the Dutch Vegetarian Society Netherlands [195][223]
Jort KelderDutch article Journalist, columnist, presenter, magazine editor Netherlands [214]
John Harvey Kellogg Physician, inventor of corn flakes breakfast cereal United States [38](pp149–158)
Kesha Singer-songwriter United States [224]
Mensje van KeulenDutch article Writer Netherlands [62]
Masta Killa Rapper United States [225]
Kim Hyo-jin Actress South Korea [23]
Anna Bonus Kingsford Editor of The Lady’s Own Paper, campaigned for women’s rights and against vivisection United Kingdom [106](pp374–383)[226]
Bep van Klaveren Boxer Netherlands [43](p103)[227]
Marcela Kloosterboer Actress, occasional singer Argentina [228]
Nicolette Kluijver Television presentermodel Netherlands [108]
Niko Koffeman Politician Netherlands [nb 12]
Martine Wittop Koning Nutrition expert and writer of cook books Netherlands [43](p231)[230]
Abraham Isaac Kook Torah scholar, first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of the British Mandate for Palestine Latvia [3](p175)[13](pp118–121)[87]
Kasper van KootenDutch article Actor, comedian, pesenter, musician Netherlands [195]
Kim van Kooten Actress and screenwriter Netherlands [214]
k-os Rappersingersongwriterproducer Canada [231][232]
Killer Kowalski Professional wrestler Canada [38](pp231–236)
Jiddu Krishnamurti Public speakerauthorphilosopher India [233]
KRS-One Rapperrecord produceractorauthoractivist United States [234]
Attje Kuiken Politician and former civil servant Netherlands [235]
Sushil Kumar World champion wrestler India [236]
František Kupka Painter and graphic artist Czechoslovakia [nb 13][nb 14]
Yasmien Kurdi Singer Philippines [162]
Haldor Lægreid Musical artist Norway [239]
Bonnie-Jill Laflin Actress, Model, TV personality United States [240]
Christine Lagarde LawyerManaging Director of the International Monetary Fund France [241]
Alphonse de Lamartine Writer, poet, politician France [nb 15][nb 16]
Benjamin Lay Quaker philanthropist and abolitionist United States [243]
Cloris Leachman Actresscomedienne United States [244]
Charles Webster Leadbeater Author, member of the Theosophical Society United Kingdom [245]
Rixt LeddyDutch article Actress Netherlands [108]
Lee Ha-nui Beauty pageant titleholder, classical musician, gayageum player, and actress South Korea [23][246][247]
Rita Lee Singer, songwriter, actress, author, TV host Brazil [248]
Luís LeitãoPortuguese article Writer, journalist, philanthropist Portugal [249]
Nikolai Leskov Writer Russia [250]
Leona Lewis Singer-songwriter, recording artist United Kingdom [251][252][253]
Jimmy Liao Illustratorpicture book writer Taiwan [76]
Bart de Ligt Anarcho-pacifist and antimilitarist Netherlands [43](p239)
Jan Ligthart Teacher, philosopher Netherlands [43](p220)
Jack Lindsay Writer Australia [159](p77)
Richard Linklater Filmmaker United States [254][255][256]
Kerstin LinnartzGerman article Television presenter, actress Germany [219]
Tzipi Livni Lawyer and politician Israel [257]
Eneko Llanos Basque triathlete Spain [258]
Michael Locher Musician, member of the band Samael Switzerland [259]
Claire Loewenfeld Nutritionist and herbalist Germany [260]
Lisa Lopes Rappersinger-songwriteractressdancermusician, member of theR&B/hip-hop girl group TLC United States [261]
César “Vampiro” López One of the best-known rock guitarists in Latin America Mexico [262]
Heitor LourençoPortuguese article Actor, television presenter Portugal [263]
Arjen Lucassen Progressive metal/rock songwriter, producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist Netherlands [264]
Lo Wing-lok doctor and politician Hong Kong [76]
Lu You Poet, politician China [265]
Joanna Lumley Actress, voice-over artist, former-model, author United Kingdom [266]
Anni-Frid Lyngstad Singer, member of pop/rock group ABBA Norway [50]


Name Occupation Country Source
Francisco Madero Politician, writer and revolutionary Mexico [267]
R. Madhavan Actor, writer, producer, television presenter India [268]
Jamby Madrigal Politician Philippines [162]
Tobey Maguire Actor, producer United States [269][270][271]
Mahavira Sage who established tenets of Jainism India [38](pp19–28)
Gustav Mahler Composer and one of the leading conductors of his generation Austria-Hungary [nb 17][nb 18]
Jaime de Magalhães Lima Thinker, poet, essayist, literary critic, promoter of vegetarianism Portugal [nb 19]
Andrius Mamontovas MusicianSongwriterrecord produceractor Lithuania [275][276]
Method Man Hip hop artist, record producer, actor, member of the Wu-Tang Clan United States [277]
Dagomir MarqueziPortuguese article Author, screenwriter, journalist Brazil [278][279]
Lina van de Mars German article Television presenter, musician Germany [103]
Jodie Marsh Media personality, glamour model United Kingdom [280]
Chris Martin Musicianproducer, member of Coldplay United Kingdom [271][281]
Piero Martinetti Italian article Philosopher Italy [282]
Doug Martsch Musician, member of Built to Spill United States [283]
Scott Maslen Actormodel United Kingdom [284]
Mojo Mathers Politician, member of the New Zealand House of Representatives New Zealand [285]
Alicia Mayer ActressComedian Philippines [286]
Colman McCarthy Journalist, teacher, lecturer, peace activist United States [6](pp206–207)
Paul McCartney Musiciancomposer, producer, businessman, member of the The Beatles United Kingdom [47][287][288][289][290]
Stella McCartney Fashion designer United Kingdom [291]
Rue McClanahan Actress, comedienne, author United States [292]
Jay McGuiness Singer, member of the boy band The Wanted United Kingdom [111][112][113]
Edward McMillan-Scott Member of the European Parliament United Kingdom [293]
Armin Meiwes Convict who claims to be reformed and concerned about injustices Germany [294]
Luisa Mell Actress and former presenter of the RedeTV! programme Late Show Brazil [295]
Natalie Merchant Musician, Songwriter United States [296]
Saint Angela de Merici Religious leader and saint Italy [28](pp125–126)
Johan Messchaert Singer and vocal pedagogue Netherlands [43](p219)
Lea Michele Actress, singer United States [297]
Gabrielle Miller Actress Canada [298]
Crispian Mills Musiciansongwriterfilm director United Kingdom [299]
Hayley Mills Actress, singer United Kingdom [300]
Giovanni Pico della Mirandola Renaissance philosopher Italy [301]
Shanna Moakler Actress, Model, Reality television celebrity United States [302]
Jorinde Moll Dutch article Actress, presenter Netherlands [214]
Sophie Monk Singer, songwriter, actress, model Australia [303]
Théodore Monod Naturalist, explorer, and humanist scholar France [304]
Jenna Morasca Actress, swimsuit model, winner of Survivor: The Amazon United States [305]
Edwin Moses Former American track and field athlete United States [306]
Erik Mouthaan Dutch article Journalist Netherlands [53][307]
Malcolm Muggeridge Journalistauthorsatirist United Kingdom [38](pp243–250)
Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Saintly Tamil-speaking teacher and Sufi mystic from the island of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka [13](p175)
José Mujica President of Uruguay Uruguay [308]
Lillian Müller Model and an actress in motion pictures and television Norway [50]
Desidério Murcho Philosopherprofessor, and writer Portugal [nb 20]
Stuart Murdoch Musician, member of indie pop band Belle & Sebastian United Kingdom [310]
Cillian Murphy Actor Ireland [311]
Keith Murray Musician, member of indie rock band We Are Scientists United States [312]
Murs Rapper United States [313]
Reuben D. Mussey Medical doctor and an early opponent of tobacco United States [6](pp44–46)
Xavier Naidoo Singer-songwriter, record producer Germany [314]
Martina Navratilova Retired tennis player and a former World No. 1 Czech Republic [nb 21]
Kevin Nealon Actor and comedian United States [316]
Helen Nearing Author and the second wife of Scott Nearing United States [317]
Philip Neri Priest noted for founding the “Congregation of the Oratory Italy [28](p152)[175](p153)
Jukka Nevalainen Musician, member of Nightwish Finland [318]
Matt Nicholls Musician, member of Bring Me the Horizon United Kingdom [221][222]
George Nicholson Nationally known printer United Kingdom [319]
Jayde Nicole Model Canada [320]
Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis The Netherlands’ first prominent socialist Netherlands [43](p214)
Roberto de Nobili Jesuit missionary to Southern India Italy [321]
Natalia Borissowna NordmanGerman article Writer, women’s rights activist, reformer Russia [322](pp109–123)
Krist Novoselic MusiciansongwriterauthoractivistNirvana member United States [323]
Paavo Nurmi World record setting Runner Finland [324]
Natasja Oerlemans Politician, a prominent member of the Party for the Animals Netherlands [325]
José Oiticica Poetactivist Brazil [326]
Margreth Olin Film director and producer Norway [50]
José Agostinho de OliveiraPortuguese article Teacher, writer, literary critic, playwright Portugal [327]
Maria O’Neill Writer, poet, journalist, spiritualist Portugal [328]
Felix Ortt Philosopher Netherlands [43](p224)
Kelly Osbourne Singer-songwriter, author, actress, television personality, radio personality, fashion designer United Kingdom [271]
Maja Ostaszewska Actress Poland [329]
Carré Otis Actress, model United States [330]
Esther Ouwehand Politician, marketing manager Netherlands [nb 22]
Cem Özdemir Politician Germany [332]
Walburga, Lady Paget Diarist, writer and an intimate friend of Queen Victoria Germany [333]
Monty Panesar Cricketer United Kingdom [334]
Hayden Panettiere Actress, singer, model United States [335][336]
Alexandra Paul Actress United States [337]
Karen van Holst PellekaanDutch article Actress, animal rights advocate Netherlands [338]
Kal Penn Film and television actor, producer, and civil servant United States [339]
António Maria PereiraPortuguese article Lawyer, advocate of human and animal rights Portugal [340]
Isaac Leib Peretz Yiddish language author and playwright Poland [3](p171)
Fiona Phillips Television broadcaster United Kingdom [191]
Sir Richard Phillips Schoolteacher, author and publisher United Kingdom [106](pp235–244)
Kellie Pickler Singer-songwriter United States [103]
Plotinus Major philosopher of the ancient world Greece [nb 23][342]
Plutarch Biographeressayistpriestambassadormagistrate Greece [343]
António Maria PereiraPortuguese article Lawyer, advocate of human and animal rights Portugal [340]
Henri Polak Trade unionist and politician Netherlands [43](p229)
Alexander Pope Poet United Kingdom [344]
Porphyry Neoplatonic philosopher Greece [29](pp58–61)[59](pp37–38)
Martín de Porres Lay brother of the Dominican Order Peru [28](p206)
Natalie Portman Actress United States [345]
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Gaudiya Vaishnava teacher, founder-acharya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness India [13](pp56–60)[38](pp173–180)
Jimmy Pursey Musician, record producer United Kingdom [346]
Pythagoras of Samos Ionian Greek philosophermathematician, founder of Pythagoreanism Greece [30][347]
Maggie Q Actress, model United States [348]
Srinivasa Ramanujan Mathematician and autodidact India [349]
Guillaume Thomas François Raynal Writer and man of letters during the Age of Enlightenment France [nb 24]
Jean Jacques Élisée Reclus Geographer, anarchist revolutionary, and writer. France [60](pp88,105,173–176)
Redman Rapper, record producer, actor United States [351]
Dimitri Reinderman Chess Grandmaster with an Elo rating of 2542 Netherlands [195]
Ilya Yefimovich Repin Leading Russian painter and sculptor of the Peredvizhniki artistic school Russia [250][322](pp110–114)
Reshma Renowned folk singer of Pakistan Pakistan [352]
Saint Richard of Chichester Saint who was Bishop of Chichester United Kingdom [28](p191)[29](p81)
Joseph Ritson Antiquary United Kingdom [106](pp185–190)
Andy Robinson English rugby union coach and retired player United Kingdom [353]
Fred Rogers Educator, minister, songwriter, television host United States [354]
Huberto Rohden Philosopher, educator, theologist, author, pioneer of transcendentalism Brazil [355]
Romain Rolland DramatistEssayistArt historianNovelist France [356]
Romana Portuguese article Singer Portugal [357]
Nathalie de Rooij Dutch article Politician Netherlands [358]
Marc van Roon Jazz pianist Netherlands [359]
Xavier Rudd Musiciansinger-songwriter Australia [360][361][362]
RZA RapperCEOrecord produceractorscreenwriterauthordirector United States [363][364]


Name Occupation Country Source
Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre Writerbotanist France [99](pp208–214)[106](pp173–176)
Henry Stephens Salt Writer, teacher, social reformer United Kingdom [365]
Diederik Samsom Politician Netherlands [366]
Rodrigo Santoro Actor Brazil [367]
Gabe Saporta Lead singer and primary creative force behind the synthpop band Cobra Starship Uruguay [197]
Judith Sargentini GreenLeft politician Netherlands [368]
Martin Sastre ArtistFilmmaker Uruguay [369]
Swami Satchidananda Religious teacher, spiritual master and yoga adept India [370]
Kool Savas German rapper Germany [314]
Nikolas Schiller Blogger, prominent digital map artist in the blogospherecivil rightsactivist United States [371]
Wim T. Schippers Voice actor, producer, comedian Netherlands [62]
Loretta Schrijver Television host Netherlands [nb 25]
Magnus SchwantjeGerman article Writer, pacifist, advocate for vegetarianism and animal rights Germany [373]
Jason Schwartzman Actor, musician United States [374]
Albert Schweitzer Music, philanthropy, theology Germany [30]
Jenny Seagrove Actress, political activist United Kingdom [375]
Virender Sehwag One of the leading batsmen in the Indian cricket team India [376]
Sandra Seifert Nurse, beauty pageant contestant, fashion model Taiwan [162]
Serenity Erotic dancer and pornographic actress United States [377]
Christian Serratos Actress United States [378]
Quintus Sextius Philosopher, whose philosophy combined Pythagoreanism withStoicism Italy [nb 26]
George Bernard Shaw Playwright, critic, political activist Ireland [30][380]
Martin Shaw Actor United Kingdom [381]
Percy Bysshe Shelley Poet, dramatist, essayist, novelist United Kingdom [106](pp218–235)
Herbert Shelton Alternative medicine advocate, author, pacifist United States [6](pp160–161)
Sheetal Sheth Actress, producer United States [382]
Agostinho da Silva Philosopheressayist and writer Portugal [383]
Sarah Silverman Comedienne, writer, actress, singer and musician United States [384]
Aaron Simpson Mixed martial artist United States [133]
Isaac Bashevis Singer Novelist, short story writer United States [38](pp237–242)[385][386][387]
Peter Singer Moral philosopher Australia [388]
Fauja Singh Centenarian marathon runner India [389][390]
Jon Skolmen Actor and comedian Norway [239]
Saskia Slegers German article Music producer, DJ Netherlands [2]
Susan Smit Dutch article Writer, columnist, former fashion model Netherlands [nb 27]
Song Il Gook Actor South Korea [23]
Sotion Neopythagorean philosopher Greece [392]
Amílcar de Sousa Medical doctorauthor, president of the first Portuguese vegetarian society Portugal [393]
Henry Spira Widely regarded as one of the most effective animal rights activists of the 20th century United States [394]
Aad Stelylen Former Dutch athlete, specialised in long distances Netherlands [43](p102)
Gruschenka Stevens Actress and singer Germany [219]
Joss Stone Singer-songwriter, actress United Kingdom [395][396][397]
Jan P. Strijbos Naturalist, cineast, photographer, journalist, writer Netherlands [43](p242)
Gustav Struve Politician Germany [106](pp271–281)
Ruben Studdard Singeractor United States [398]
Oliver Sykes Musician, member of Bring Me the Horizon United Kingdom [221][399]
Amber Tamblyn Actress United States [400]
Serj Tankian Musiciansongwriterrecord producerpoetactivistSystem of a Down member United States [401]
Tarkan Singer-songwriter, record producer, performer Turkey [402]
Tertullian Prolific early Berber Christian author from Carthage in the Roman province of Africa Roman Empire (Carthage) [59](p53)[72](pp116–117)
Marianne Thieme Politiciananimal rights activistauthor Netherlands [nb 28]
Maarten Tjallingii Professional racing cyclist for UCI ProTeam Belkin Pro Cycling Netherlands [404]
Leo Tolstoy Novelistshort story writer, playwrightessayist Russia [30][38](pp88–97)[405]
Peter Tosh Musician, member of The Wailers Jamaica [406]
Paolo Troubetzkoy Artistsculptor Russia [nb 29]
Titia van der Tuuk Authorfeministpacifistteacher Netherlands [43](p226)
Shania Twain Singer-songwriter, television personality Canada [408][409]
Richard Ungewitter Writer, pioneer of the German nudist movement Germany [99](pp436–437)
Mellie Uyldert Writer, alternative healer, occultist and astrologer Netherlands [43](p246)
Pedro Valdjiu Musician, member of Blasted Mechanism Portugal [410]
Yolandi Visser Musician South Africa [209]
Eddie Vedder Musiciansongwriter, member of alternative rock band Pearl Jam United States [411]
Marly van der Velden Actress Netherlands [nb 30]
Krista van Velzen Politician Netherlands [62]
Milo Ventimiglia Actor, director United States [413][414]
Georgina Verbaan Actress, singer Netherlands [214]
Leon Verdonschot Journalist, presenter, writer, radio producer, columnist Netherlands [195]
Umberto Veronesi Surgeon and oncologist Italy [415]
Leonardo da Vinci Painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographerbotanist, writer Italy [30][416]
Virgil Poet Italy [30]
Swami Vivekananda Chief disciple of the 19th-century saint Ramakrishna India [13](pp50–52)
Marijke Vos Politician Netherlands [62]
Vydūnas Teacher, poet, humanist, philosopher and Lithuanian Lithuania [417]
Herschel Walker Former American college and professional football player and a mixed martial artist United States [418]
David Wallechinsky Author of many Olympic reference books and other reference books United States [38](pp219–224)
Lulu Wang Dutch article Writer Netherlands [62]
Bernard Weatherill Politician, Speaker of the House of Commons United Kingdom [419]
Dennis Weaver Actor United States [420]
Guido Weijers Dutch article Comedian Netherlands [195]
Monique van der WerffDutch article Actress Netherlands [422]
Forest Whitaker Actor, producer, director United States [423][424]
Ellen G. White Author and Co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church United States [425]
Zara Whites Former adult film actress Netherlands [nb 31]
Norbert Wiener Mathematician, famous child prodigy, originator of cybernetics United States [427]
Anita Witzier Dutch article Television presenter Netherlands [428]
Faye Wong recording artist, actress China [429][430]
S. Fowler Wright Novelist United Kingdom [nb 32]
Esmé Wynne-Tyson Actress and writer United Kingdom [38](pp167–171)
Joel Xavier Portuguese article Musician Portugal [432]
Shmuly Yanklowitz modern Orthodox Rabbi, activist, educator, writer, motivational speakersocial entrepreneur, founder of Uri L’Tzedek United States [433][434]
Owain Yeoman Actor United Kingdom [435]
Yoon Jin-seo Actress South Korea [23]
Marguerite Yourcenar Authoressayistpoet France [436][437]
Zarathustra Founder of Zoroastrianism Persia [30]
Ethan Zohn Soccer player United States [305]
Rob Zombie Musician, songwriterscreenwriterfilm directorfilm producer,programmermusic producer United States [438]



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