Vaccine scientists reveal that vaccines are designed to cause epidemics, not prevent them

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Dear NaturalNews readers,

Two vaccine scientists have blown the whistle, revealing that vaccines are designed to fail, causing the spreading of disease rather than its prevention.

This is why measles and mumps are on the rise: the vaccines don’t work! Drug companies actually spike them with animal antibodies to fraudulently make them appear to produce an immune response:

10,000 are already reported dead in the Philippines from the devastating typhoon that just struck; and now a second typhoon is about the strike again!

41-year-old mom home schools her children AND wins an amazing bikini contest with a super-ripped physique. You gotta see this photo: (Yes, she’s 41!)

Gross out! Many spices are found to contain bug parts:

Research reveals chlorella’s powerful antioxidant effects:




gardisal wausau hospital




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