Weston’s Pick n Save sprays fluoride on Organic produce!

Have a little flouride with that lettuce , mmm mmm good

Have a little flouride with that lettuce , mmm mmm good

vote for fluoride! its good for your teeth :)

vote for fluoride! its good for your teeth 🙂

Store such as Pick N Save in Weston have recently expanded their Organic sections.   Indeed I am happy about that, but what sucks is that they spray local fluoridated water on Some of the organic produce.

To the walking dead out there, that might not mean much.  But to me, it infuriates  on more than one level.  For starters, how about that it KILLS BRAIN CELLS And lowers I.Q.   Ah that’s not too big of a deal, shee-aht how about fluoride was used by Adolf Hitler to dumb down the jews.  I think we all know how effective that technique worked.   Besides of being used as rat poison, flouride also calcifies on our pineal gland and in our thyroid, which pretty much turns the population into zombies.  Cancer is also another lovely result from fluoride.    Fluorosis of your teeth is also another awful side effect of ingesting this poison.   We must also understand how we get flouride.  We poison ourselves and our children the public water supply obviously.  Taking a toxic shower of death in your own bathroom is one of the best ways to absorb fluoride.  Non organic foods a have recently found to have extremely high amounts of fluoride.  The point is, lets stop feeding this WWII chemical weapon to our children, family members, and pets.  You vote with your dollar, it feels good to do something good.

The Dangers of Fluoride – Global Healing Center

The Truth of Mass Mind Control, fluoride poisoning


Top scientist says fluoride has killed over 10,000 people by causing their cancer


Did you know fluoride water if filled with cancer causing arsenic ?


Fluoride ..keeping you DUMB!!!! – 1-2-wide-awake.com

Weston pick n save


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